Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


microsoft bing.jpgMicrosoft Bing is “Live”
Microsoft is moving away from the “Live” branding and over to a new one… Bing. Those who were familiar with Live Search won’t notice much of a difference aside from the name, but I do seem to be getting slightly more relevant results. Especially on the image searches.

windows 7 logo.jpgDetails about Windows 7 Starter
There has been a lot of talk about what Windows 7 Starter edition will and won’t be capable of doing, and Microsoft has finally stepped forward to talk about it. Basically you won’t get any of the fancy Aero Glass features (transparency, Aero Peek, Taskbar Previews, etc…), no DVD playback, no multi-monitor support, and you can’t personalize the OS (can’t change the background, window colors, or sounds). Maybe it won’t be such a good OS for netbooks after all.

google wave logo.jpgGoogle Wave Demo
At the Google I/O conference a new service dubbed Google Wave was announced. They had a full demonstration that they went through which showed how the service focuses on merging email, instant messaging, and social networking into one interface.

xbox 360.jpg30M Xbox 360s Sold; 20M Xbox Live Members
If there’s one thing Microsoft can be proud of it’s how well the Xbox 360 has been doing. The fact that they have sold 30 million consoles is astonishing, but even more so is the fact that that they have 20 million Xbox Live members. They say that those 20 million members represent only the “active” ones, which translates into a lot of reoccurring revenue.

opera 10 skin.jpgOpera Previews New Skin in Latest Alpha Build
When Opera 9.5 was released they went down a bold path by including a default browser skin that was overall pretty dark. Some users might like that (particularly geeks), but most browsers tend to go with a light background and dark text. In the latest Opera 10 Alpha build it looks like Opera is reverting a little to a lighter design.

hulu desktop-1.jpgHulu Desktop App Debuts
Hulu continues to push on now with a desktop app for streaming your favorite TV shows from the web. Now what would really be cool is if they offered a way to download it for offline use… and they can even make the show “expire” after a period of time. It would just be nice if we could watch these shows even when we’re not connected to the Internet.

zunehd.jpgZune HD Hand-On Video
Gizmodo managed to work some of their magic and get a hands-on with the Zune HD. They have a bunch of images available, but more importantly they have video they took while tinkering with the sleek gadget.

apple school.jpgBuy a Mac, Get a Free 8GB iPod Touch
Just like every year Apple has started a “back-to-school” campaign that offers a free 8GB iPod Touch with the purchase of any new Mac.

windows 7 touch pack.jpgWindows 7 Touch Pack  
By now you probably know that Windows 7 will support multi-touch capabilities just like the iPhone, but in order to really sell machines with this functionality they need something that will impress consumers when they’re at the store trying to decide whether it’s worth the extra money. That’s where the Touch Pack comes in. Microsoft will be giving OEM’s the option to install up to 6 apps/games that really show off what multi-touch is all about… including the photo collage app from the Microsoft Surface.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

gmail growl.jpgGrowl for Windows does Gmail Notifications
A new version of Growl for Windows has added support for Thunderbird, Snarl, system monitoring, and Gmail. The list of applications it supports is growing rather quickly, and I think it could become a widespread notification system if it keeps up at this pace.

bmlet.jpgOnline Bookmarklet Directory
I love using bookmarklets because they only become active once you choose to run them in your browser, and that’s why I’ve written several articles covering my favorites. A site called Bmlet.com wants to make finding these bookmarklets a little easier by aggregating them into one simple and organized place.

windows 7 tweaking.jpgFree Windows 7 Tweaking Utilities
If you’re running Windows 7 RC1 the chances are pretty good that you like to tweak most aspects of your operating system. Download Squad has outlined seven different utilities you can use to tweak Windows 7 until your little heart is content.

google chrome about.jpgPortable Google Chrome Updated
Like to carry Google Chrome in your pocket? If so you’ll be happy to hear that the unofficial portable version has been updated to the latest version 2 that busted out of Beta a couple of weeks ago.

glass firefox-1.jpgGlassify Firefox on Vista
If you love the Aero interface and you love Firefox, then this article is something you’ll most definitely want to check out. It extends the Aero transparent/blur effect to pretty much every part of the browser except the content area itself.