Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


gmail enhanced.jpgGmail Messages Get Enhanced Content
Google has started to “enhance” emails that you receive from senders who’s mailing list you’re already subscribed to… assuming they’ve already “partnered” with Google to provide the special content. One such example is Netflix. When you receive an email from Netflix their icon will show up on the subject line, and the body of the email will contain interactive pieces. If you want to disable this you can do so by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the email, and choosing the “Do not customize mail from [sender]” option.

mozilla plugins.jpgMozilla Launches PluginCheck Demo
The Mozilla development blog has posted saying that they are currently testing a page that will be displayed for users who are upgrading their browser. This specially crafted page will let users see whether all of their browser plugins are up-to-date, and what’s kinda cool is that as of right now it appears as though it works in other browsers as well. Give it a whirl yourself to see if you’re up-to-date on your plugins.

google wave.jpg“What is Google Wave” 2-Minute Explanation Video
You can watch this quick two-minute video while you sit there sulking because you didn’t get into Google Wave. I’ve actually been sending this video to people who ask what Google Wave is all about, and I’d say it does a pretty good job of explaining its primary functionality without overdoing it.

iphone map.jpgApple Buys Map Company
Apparently back in July Apple purchased a company called Placebase, and their team has now joined Apple. Placebase has their own maps and an extensive API that could give Apple just what they need to integrate a homegrown mapping solution into their products. Apple currently relies on Google for maps on the iPhone, iLife and other products. Not only that but Google recently started showing “sponsored” locations when users search for POI’s on the iPhone, which could be something Apple doesn’t look too fondly at.

–News in Brief–

blamedrewscancer.jpgDrew Carey’s Bid for @Drew Twitter Name
@drew, the popular Twitter screen name behind the “Blame Drew’s Cancer” phenomena, has now received a bid of $25,000 by none other than Drew Carey himself. Carey also said he’ll up the bid to $100,000 if @DrewFromTV receives 100,000 follows by the end of the auction (in about a month).

Facebook Prototype Measures Gross National Happiness, Confirms That We Hate Mondays.jpgMeasuring Happiness Through Facebook
One site is trying to measure the happiness level of people in the U.S. by gathering Facebook data. As it turns out people like holidays, and hate Mondays. Who knew?  

famous locations.jpgFamous Locations Shows Where Movies and TV Shows were Filmed
Find out where your favorite shows and movies were filmed with this handy little site.

launch photo.jpgThis Photo Destroyed a Camera Lens
The death of a camera lens may not always be a bad thing… in this case the result is a stunning photo.

google refinements.jpgGoogle Adds Search Refinements
When performing Google searches you can now refine your search results by the time period they were posted, the type of result, and more.

bumptop.jpgBumpTop Gets Multi-Touch
BumpTop has received a multi-touch makeover for Windows 7 users.

twitter lists.jpgTwitter Launching Lists
Twitter is working on a “lists” feature that will let people group the individuals that they are following.

google docs.jpgGoogle Docs Gets New Features in Time for School
Google has added student-focused features like text translations and equation editors to their online office suite.

dell latitude z.jpgDell Releases Laptop that Wirelessly Charges
Never trip over a power cord again with Dell’s wirelessly charging laptop.

newegg logo.jpgNewEgg Files for $175M IPO
The electronic heaven retail giant Newegg has filed to go public, and is expecting to raise $175 million.

app store.jpgApple Surpasses 2 Billion App Store Downloads
Apple announced that its App Store has had over 2 billion downloads, and is currently the home to over 85,000 apps.

opera mini growth.jpgOpera Mini Tops 30 Million Users
Opera Mini continues growing steadily as it served up almost 14 billion pages in August 2009, and also had 32 million people use the mobile browser within that one-month span.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

microsoft security essentials.jpgMicrosoft Security Essentials Scores 98.44% on Detection Test
Last week Microsoft officially released their free antivirus software called Microsoft Security Essentials. I’ve been using the Beta version on a lot of my PC’s, and I have to say that I’m rather impressed with the app. It has a nice sleek interface, and early reports I’ve read indicate that it’s able to detect viruses on par with the other antivirus offerings… which is kinda important.

services editor.jpgReset or Customize Your Windows Services
I’ve always been the type of person that sits there tweaking Windows services until I know I’ve got everything disabled that I’ll never use. For example, on some of my Windows 7 or Vista PC’s I’ll turn off the Windows indexing service if I know I don’t need my files or anything else indexed for fast searching. Sometimes, however, I disable that one service that I didn’t think I needed, but all of a sudden makes my computer go haywire. This website can be used to reset your Windows services back to their defaults, which, in a time of frustration, is priceless. Yep, that’s right… it’s not even an app.

–Tips in Brief–

folder taskbar.jpgPin Individual Folders to the Windows 7 Taskbar
It would have been nice if Microsoft made it easier to pin multiple folders to the Taskbar, but this hack might be able to get you by until they provide a real solution.

photofiltre.jpgEnhance Your Photos with PhotoFiltre
Bring your photos to life using the free PhotoFilter image editing software.

copy path.jpgCopy Path Saves File Location to Clipboard
With this lightweight add-on you’ll be able to store a file’s path on your clipboard so that it can easily be shared and carried across multiple applications/windows.

roboform chrome.jpgCustom Chromium Build Adds Roboform Support
The popular Roboform password manager is now available on Google Chrome… but only if you’re using a custom-built version of the browser provided by the Roboform team themselves.

gmail notifier.jpgKeep Track of New Email with Gmail Notifier
This app has an edge on Google’s official notifier because you can use it to check multiple Gmail accounts, and you’ll also get basic support for managing your mail.

firefox personas.jpgFirefox 3.6 Gets Lightweight Theme Support
The next version of Firefox will include support for what’s called personas, which are lightweight themes that resemble what’s currently available on the Google Chrome browser.

google reader greasemonkey.jpgGoogle Reader Greasemonkey Script
If you’re using Google Reader this Greasemonkey Script will let you customize several aspects of your feed-reading experience.

search connector.jpgSearch Websites from your Windows 7 Desktop
Thanks to search connectors you’re able to search your favorite websites right from your desktop in Windows 7.