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firefox revenue-1.jpgMozilla Earns $75 Million in 2007
Mozilla’s 2007 figures were finally released, and it looks like they didn’t do too bad for themselves. They managed to scrounge up a mere $75 million in revenue for 2007, which is 12% higher than their 2006 numbers. [2005 Revenue] [2006 Revenue]

google chrome logo.jpgGoogle Chrome Pre-Installed on New Computers?
It looks like Google might be toying with the idea of having their new Chrome browser pre-installed on new computers. They will obviously have to fork out some good money to do that, but it may help them capture a larger part of the market. [Our Chrome Tips]

gmail logo.jpgGmail Flaw Could Expose Your Emails
Last year we warned you about a Gmail flaw that some people were affected by. With it a hacker could insert filters into your Gmail account to have your emails forwarded to them, and it looks like this same scam is being used to steal domains from their owners. Google had supposedly fixed this issue, but people are still talking about this security hole being open. [Last Year’s Story]

zune logo.jpgZune Pass Subscribers Get 10 Free Songs Per Month
Microsoft has decided that anyone paying the $15 for a Zune Pass will also get some songs free and clear should they ever decide to cancel the service. That’s why they will be letting users download up to 10 songs per month that they can keep if they decide to cancel their Zune Pass.

windows logo.jpgMicrosoft is Tuning Disk Space Usage in Windows 7
In an article on the “Engineering Windows 7″ blog Microsoft discusses how they will need to focus on getting Windows 7 to consume less hard drive space. This is something they never thought would be needed because hard drives were getting unbelievably large, but now some ultra-mobile computers come with solid state hard drives that are as small as 4GB. [Previous Windows 7 News]

searchwiki-1.jpgGoogle Launches SearchWiki
When performing a Google search you can now manipulate the order that results are displayed by “voting” on them. You can also leave comments which other people can see when performing searches. Comments, however, are only visible to someone that has opted into the program by promoting an article.

yahoo mobile.jpgNew Yahoo! Mobile Beta in the Works
TechCrunch managed to grab some screenshots of a new Yahoo! Mobile interface that Yahoo! accidentally forgot to password protect. It’s not accessible anymore, but I do have to admit that it looks nicer than their current offering.

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firefox bookmarks.jpgTemporary Firefox Bookmarks
With this Firefox extension you can set an expiration for the bookmarks so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning them up later on.

iphone 2.2.jpgiPhone 2.2 Review
Gizmodo has put together a nice review outlining all of the new features in the new iPhone 2.2 firmware. Things like public transportation, walking directions, Google Street View, and more are all included!

flycast mobile.jpgListen to Online Radio from your Desktop
FlyCast is now offering their online streaming music player in a desktop-friendly interface. Well, the interface is the same as what you’ll get on the iPhone, but it uses Adobe Air to bring it to your desktop.

xbox 360.jpgNew Xbox 360 Dashboard
Microsoft has released an updated Dashboard for the Xbox 360, and I’m not all that fond of it. For some reason I liked the “blade” system that they used before, but I’m sure it will just take some getting used to.

firefox logo.jpgTweaking the Firefox Bookmarks Bar
This guide outlines some various tweaks you can apply to the Bookmarks toolbar using Firefox’s Stylish extension.