Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


windows 7 virus.jpgFresh Windows 7 Installs Vulnerable to 8/10 Viruses
Some people feel as though UAC is enough to protect them from the computer daemons known as viruses, but as it turns out you may not want to go down that path. SophosLabs did a test, and a majority of the viruses ran on the OS just fine even with UAC enabled. I think you know the moral of the story.

google dashboard.jpgGoogle Dashboard: See What they Know About You
A new section in the Google “my accounts” page serves as a dashboard for all of your Google activity. It summarizes recent emails from your Gmail account, how many contacts you have, documents, pictures, and more. You’ll quickly realize just how much Google knows about you.

msn redux.jpgLong Overdue MSN Redesign Coming
It’s been quite awhile since MSN has seen a redesign, and it’s safe to say that the current design is showing its age. A new one is on the way though, and it is largely simplified from what you currently know as MSN. Actually, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is “why didn’t the background load” when you see all of the white space that was previously filled with an eye-gouging blue.

reocities.jpgReocities… Your Geocities Archive
Yahoo! decided to kill off Geocities for some weird reason. I don’t quite understand because Geocities truly is a part of the Internet’s history, and served as the first personal homepage for a good chunk of Internet stragglers in the early days of 56K modems. One man decided to take it upon himself to create an archive of as many sites as possible, and according to him over 800,000 accounts have been restored as of now.

google navigation.jpgGoogle Maps Navigation for Android
In a rather interesting move Google announced that they will be providing turn-by-turn directions for Android devices at no additional cost. They will even throw in features like voice guidance, 3D-views, and a lot of other features you’ve come to expect from traditional GPS applications. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be available for the iPhone soon as well!

–News in Brief–

windows 7 store.jpgWindows 7 Sales Exceed Vista Sales by 234%
Reports are that based on sales numbers from the first few days that Windows 7 blew Vista sales out of the water.

intel processor.jpgIntel Allegedly Paid Dell $6 Billion to no use AMD Chips
A lawsuit filed against Dell claims that they received billions of dollars in payouts over a five-year period from Intel so that Dell would not use AMD processors in their machines.

digg trends.jpgNew Digg Trends
Digg is experimenting with a new way to get hot topics promoted to the front page even faster.

microsoft courier.jpgMore Info on the Microsoft Courier
This document explains how the swipes and gestures will work on the Microsoft Courier.

app store.jpgApple Announces 100,000 App Milestone
With over 100K apps in their App Store I’d say this gives Apple a key advantage over a lot of their competition. Granted a lot of the apps suck, but there are also a lot of amazing ones.

thunderbird.jpg130K French Government PC’s Switching to Thunderbird
In a big win for Mozilla… 130,000 government machines in France will start using Thunderbird as the designated email client.

karmic koalas-1.jpgUbuntu 9.10 Released
It’s that time of the year again! That’s right, the bi-annual release of Ubuntu is upon us with a handful of new features.  

microsoft store-1.jpgCrapware Banished from PC’s in Microsoft Stores
It’s a pleasant surprise for people buying a PC at a Microsoft Store when they find out that it doesn’t come with all the bloatware you’d normally get if purchased directly from the manufacturer.

seamonkey.jpgSeaMonkey 2.0 Released
The new version of Mozilla SeaMonkey has session restore, tabbed email, an updated internal platform, and much more.

google voice.jpgGoogle Voice Works with Your Existing Number
You can take advantage of some Google Voice features without having to switch over your phone number.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

allmyapps.jpgAllmyapps Bulk-Installs Programs
We’ve seen other solutions that are similar to this, but Allmyapps as an amazing repository of over 100 apps that you can choose to have rolled up into a single installer. If you rebuild machines often (like me) a utility that can do this becomes a huge time saver.

readability.jpgReadability 2 Makes Webpages Printable
Ever come across a page that you want to print or maybe paste into an email, but can’t because the formatting doesn’t carry over very nice? This handy bookmarklet will try to format the page you’re on in an easy-to-read layout that also doubles as a great printable solution.

tasbkar meters.jpgAdd CPU and Memory Meters to Windows 7 Taskbar
I’ve been saying for awhile that we’re going to start seeing some really clever uses of the Windows 7 Taskbar, and I think this is one of them. With this app you can add two performance meters to your Taskbar: one for CPU usage and another for memory usage. They make use of the built-in progress bar that is displayed behind the icon so that you can always see where the usage is at with a single glance.

upgrade advisor.jpgPerforming a Clean Install with Windows 7 Upgrade Media
One of the headaches with purchasing upgrade media with Windows is trying to provide proof that you own a prior version of the OS. Sure, it’s no problem if you already have Windows installed on your machine, but what if you want to perform a clean install? Paul Thurrott walks you through the different scenarios and explains what will or will not work. He also provides information on how to hack the registry to make a clean install work when using upgrade media.

–Tips in Brief–

ubuntu backup.jpgBackup Your Ubuntu Machine
This simple app will let you pick and choose which areas of your Ubuntu machine you would like backed up.

7 taskbar tweaker.jpgWindows 7 Taskbar Tweaker
This free program will let you customize how icons are grouped, what action is performed when you click on an icon, what happens when you right-click, and more.

desktop background.jpgRotate Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 7
You may not know it, but Windows 7 has a built-in feature that actually lets you shuffle through desktop backgrounds.

pin tabs in firefox.jpgGet Pinned Tabs in Firefox
Yet another Google Chrome feature has been migrated to Firefox through the use of extensions!

songr.jpgSongr: Search for and Download Songs
Grab some of your favorite songs for free with this Windows desktop application.

texturize taskbar.jpgTexturize Your Taskbar
Change the Taskbar background in Windows 7 to be more than just a single color.

accidentsketch.jpgSketch Out Accidents Online
The website accidentsketch.com gives you the tools you need to quickly draw out and explain how an accident occurred.

new tab.jpgIE-Like New Tab Page for Firefox
Firefox users can get a new tab page that resembles that of what you’ll find in IE7/IE8. The one nice addition, however, is the ability to add your favorite sites.