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xbmc apple tv.jpgXBMC Available for Apple TV 2, iPad, and iPhone 4
The XBMC project is diverting even further from its original name, Xbox Media Center, as it makes its way on to the Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. The developers stress the fact that this release is not some cheesy remote control for the desktop version of the software, and is the full program on your Apple device.

trapster.jpgTrapster Hacked Potentially Affecting 10 Million Users
Trapster is a mobile service geared towards notifying mobile users on iPhones, Android devices, and other smartphones about upcoming speeds traps. The service had their site targeted by hackers, and is possible that your email address and password have been compromised. They, of course, recommend that you change your login credentials.

google voice number porting.jpgGoogle Voice Lets Users Port Their Numbers
Google has added the ability for users to port their existing phone numbers over to Google Voice, but it will cost you $20 to do so. Plus Google warns that your mobile phone service plan will be terminated, and it’s possible you will get charged an early termination fee as a result.

onenote iphone.jpgMicrosoft Brings OneNote to the iPhone
At one time Microsoft said that they would not be bringing Microsoft Office to the iPhone, but despite that they rolled out an iPhone version of OneNote that syncs with SkyDrive.

netflix postage.jpgNetflix Spends More on Postage than Streaming
According to a report it costs Netflix up to $1 per DVD when mailed to and from a customer, but streaming a movie only costs them 5 cents in bandwidth. About 2 million DVDs are shipped each day, which sums to over $700 million a year in postage alone.

eric schmidt.jpgEric Schmidt Pushed Out of the CEO Position
It made big news last week when Google announced that their CEO, Eric Schmidt, is being replaced by Larry Page after nearly 10 years. Schmidt will still remain with the company.

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sms spam-1.jpgHow to Block Text Message (SMS) Spam
This guide outlines some great mobile apps and websites you can use to block that annoying spam you might be getting on a day-to-day basis.

windows 7 themes.jpgNew Windows 7 Themes
Microsoft has posted several new Windows 7 themes including a fireworks theme, snowy arctic, snow sports, Alan Wake, and two “Best of Bing” themes.

dropbox.jpgUsing Dropbox to Get an IP Address
If your home computer is on a dynamic IP you’ll be happy to hear about this cool Dropbox “trick” to find the IP address of any remote machine you have tied to your account.

rss ticker.jpgRSS Ticker for Your Desktop
This full-featured RSS ticker for your desktop provides a unique way of reading your feeds, and can even sync with your Google Reader account if that’s something you want to do.

toomanytabs firefox.jpgOrganize Firefox Tabs with TooManyTabs
TooManyTabs is a Firefox extension that helps you group tabs into folders, assign colors to them, and more.