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Netflix kidsNetflix Working on Interface for Kids
I know a lot of Netflix users who say that their kids love the streaming service, and if Netflix follows through with what they are working on kids will be able to find content simply by selecting their favorite characters.

Google gamesGoogle+ Gets Games
Google is slowly rolling out games for Google+ users, and initially they will only be available from big-name publishers such as Zynga, Rovio, and PopCap.

MarioNintendo Pressured to Bring Mario to iOS
Nintendo’s investors are pushing the company to release popular titles like Mario for iOS in hopes of driving stock prices back up.

Grooveshark boxeeGrooveshark Can Now Be Found in Boxee
Boxee users will find that there is built-in integration for Grooveshark so that users can listen to music on their media players, but you will still need a $9/month Grooveshark subscription to make it happen.

TouchpadHP TouchPad Gets Permanent Price Drop
There was talk that the price drop of the 16GB TouchPad to $399 was a temporary thing, and originally it was supposed to be. However, HP has since come back and said that the $100 savings will be permanent and will remain in place going forward.

Apple market capApple Becomes Most Valuable Company in the World
Apple managed to pass by Exxon and now has the largest market cap in the world.

Facebook messengerFacebook Messenger for iOS and Android
Facebook has a new standalone app called Facebook Messenger that is to be used for the sole purpose of chatting with your friends. The group-chat functionality can be traced back to Beluga, which Facebook acquired back in March.

Digg newswireDigg Launches Newswire
Digg is trying to find a way to help users discover breaking news without having to wait for it to land on the Digg homepage. Newswire provides fast access to trending stories, and can be filtered by how many Diggs they have received.

Hulu seriesHulu Getting Into Original Content
Hulu is launching their first original series called A Day in the Life that premiers on August 17th, and will be a six-part documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Apple ssl fixUnofficial SSL Patch for Jailbroken iOS Devices
Jailbroken iOS users who are not running 4.3.5 can still reap the benefits of Apple’s security patches without losing your jailbreak. The PDF patch that Apple released in 4.3.4 was already available through Cydia, and now iSSLfix addresses the vulnerability Apple plugged in 4.3.5.

Chrome transmissionControl Your BitTorrent Client from Your Browser
This nice guide from Lifehacker covers some of the various Chrome and Firefox extensions that are available for the uTorrent and Transmission BitTorrent clients.

Headphone testEngadget Conducts Blind Test for Headphones
Engadget wanted to see if users really can notice the difference between $10 and $100 headphones, and the results of their test prove that there is a pretty big difference in audio quality that helps justify the hefty price tag.

Car insurance quotesCompare Car Insurance Quotes with Leaky
Leaky is a free online service that has you enter in all your insurance-related details, and then it will return quotes from all of the major auto insurance providers.

Lion utilityMac OS X Lion Recovery Disk Assistant Available
It took a little while but Apple has rolled out a utility that can be used to make a Lion Recovery Disk on a USB drive, which is helpful in emergency situations.