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Google plus redesignGoogle+ Redesign Rolled Out
Google+ users were presented with a new interface last week that tries to make the most important aspects of the service even more prominent and easier to use.

Chrome os updateNew Chrome OS UI Coming to Chromebooks
Google hasn’t forgotten about the Chrome OS. They currently have a developer version available that includes a new window manager called Aura. The article includes a video demonstration to give you an idea of how this new interface will work.

InstagramFacebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion
Facebook scooped up the social photo-sharing app Instagram last week to the tune of $1 billion. Zuckerberg says that they plan to develop Facebook and Instagram separately, and that they want to learn what Instagram does well so that they can make Facebook better.

Aol patentsAOL Sells 800 Patents to Microsoft for $1 Billion
At the end of last year AOL was scraping by with just $407 million in cash, but they were able to bump that back up last week by selling over 800 patents and 300 licenses to Microsoft for $1 billion.

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Sync ios screenshotsThe Easy Way to Get iOS Screenshots on Your Mac
This clever guide explains how you can use a saved search on your Mac to provide quick access to your Photo Stream images.

Remove flashbackDetect and Remove FlashBack Malware in Mac OS X
This update from Apple will attempt to remove the FlashBack malware from your Mac.