Welcome to the WrapUpby CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Office 15 screenshotNew Microsoft Office 15 Interface Leaked?
This screenshot shows a drastically overhauled Microsoft Outlook that could be what we see in Office 15.

Portable workspaceWindows 8 Can Run From a USB Drive
Since Windows 8 has leaked it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that people are pulling it apart to see what unique features they can find. The latest discovery is a “Portable Workspace Creator” that will let you put a runnable copy of Windows on to a USB drive that you can use at any workstation. Now that sounds pretty cool.

SpotifySpotify Reduces Playback Allowance on Free Accounts
Spotify is changing the limitations of their free accounts to only allow for 10-hours of music playback per month compared to the 20-hours they currently offer. Their paid accounts remain unchanged, and most people believe they are doing this in preparation of the US launch that is expected later this year.

Android cloudGoogle Releases Current Android Stats
During their earnings call Google said that Android has had 3 billion apps downloaded (compared to Apple’s 10 billion in January 2011) and are activating 350K devices every day.

Download squadAOL Closes Door on Download Squad
I was pretty surprised when I had heard the news that Download Squad was shutting down, because it was easily one of my favorite blogs. Some of the writers have already teamed up to start their own site called BrowserScene.com.

Ie10 previewMicrosoft Releases IE10 Developer Preview
At MIX last week Microsoft announced that the developer preview for IE10 was being made available, which is more standards compliant and supports some newer CSS3 properties. Just like with other developer previews this is a pretty barebones version of the browser designed for testing website compatibility.

Flock discontinuedFlock Browser Discontinued
I never really thought that Flock was a great browser because most of what it was capable of doing could be done in other browsers through the use of extensions. The fact that it will no longer be developed doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me, but I am impressed it was able to go on this long.

Hotz ps3 jailbreakGeorge Hotz Quietly Settles PS3 Jailbreak Lawsuit
Sony and George Hotz have come to an agreement where Hotz doesn’t have to admit to any wrongdoing, but he can no longer publish the code related to the jailbreak.

Kindle adsAmazon Selling Kindle Reader With Ads for $25 Less
If you don’t mind seeing ads on your Kindle homescreen or screensaver then you can grab the device for $114, which is $25 less than the normal price of the WiFi-only Kindle.

Photoshop subscriptionAdobe Lets You Pay a Monthly Subscription to Get Photoshop
Adobe is now offering subscription-based plans for purchasing many of their flagship products. This is useful for developers who may only need to use certain apps for a few months to complete a project, and can help save money in those situations.

Aurora logoPre-Release Versions of Firefox Get New Icons
The nightly builds of Firefox are sporting a new icon that looks much more elegant, and Mozilla has added an “Aurora” build that sits somewhere between nightly and Beta releases in terms of stability. I’m hoping this also means that the primary Firefox icon will get refreshed with the next major milestone.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Gmail backgroundAdd Custom Backgrounds to Gmail
Gmail users have been able to customize the colors used in Gmail for quite awhile, but Google has now added the ability to upload your own background image or use an existing one from one of your Picasa albums.

PlaybookEngadget’s Detailed Blackberry Playbook Review
Engadget has put together an excellent review of the new Blackberry Playbook tablet that is due for release on April 19th. The reviewer does note, however that they have been getting a flood of software updates, and that there is no telling what the device will perform like by the time it will be in the hands of the consumer.

DroptunesStream Songs From Your Dropbox
DropTunes is a free web-based service that will connect to your Dropbox account and let you stream songs from a folder. It is even able to play OGG and WAV music files.

Firefox 4 active tabWiden the Active Tab in Firefox 4
This simple tweak to the userChrome.css file in Firefox 4 makes the active tab much more prominent than the others.

Fade inactive windowsAutoHotkey Script Fades Out Inactive Windows
This nifty little script will fade out inactive (a.k.a. non-focused) windows after a given period of time to make them less distracting. It has a few settings available such as how long it should wait before applying the transparency as well as the level of transparency.