Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


techcrunch tablet.jpgTechCrunch Tablet Becomes Usable
Many of us have been waiting to see whether TechCrunch would be able to pull off their dream web tablet, and it looks like they might be coming close. The second prototype is actually functional. Right now they are saying the cost for parts is just over $200, which means the price will probably be $299 at the low end. Checkout the full article for a video demonstration.

seagate barracuda.jpgSeagate Provides Data Recovery for Failing Drives
Owners of Seagate’s 1TB drives have been having some troubles lately. Seagate has apparently isolated the part of the firmware causing the problems, and will be offering free data recovery services to those who need it.

plane crash.jpgiPhone Photo of Plane Crash Becomes Widespread
A picture of the plane that crashed into the Hudson River last week found it’s way around several media outlets and blogs. It was taken by an iPhone, and posted using Twitter. Looks like camera phones are becoming more and more important for the rapid sharing of information.

gmail logo.jpgGmail Grew 43% Last Year
I’ve personally converted a lot of people over to Gmail, and no one has ever told me that they didn’t like it. Others must be doing the same thing because reports are saying that Gmail grew a whopping 43% last year!

office 14.jpgOffice 14 Alpha Screenshots
Someone managed to get their hands on an Office 14 pre-release version, and has posted some screenshots of the software. It looks a little different than Office 14, but main thing I noticed is the lack of the orb in the upper-left corner.

google datacenter.jpgHow Much Power do Google Searches Consume?
There has been some concern lately regarding how much CO2 Google is producing due to the number of searches they serve up. According to Google’s research a typical user would produce the same amount of CO2 in one year by searching that is produced by doing a single load of laundry.

itunes upgrade.jpgUpgrade to iTunes Plus isn’t Cheap
Some users are finding out that upgrading their music library to iTunes Plus may not be as grand as they once thought. Apple has made it so that music owners can’t selectively upgrade their songs to iTunes Plus. It’s an all-or-nothing deal, which could be quite costly!

google logo-1.jpgWhy Google Employees Quit
Many of us like to think that working at Google would be the best thing in the world, but a long thread by those who have quit might make you think otherwise. Many say that they could make more money somewhere else, the benefits aren’t as good as what Microsoft offers, and Google has poor management/mentoring.

–Windows 7 News & Tips–

windows 7 taskbar.jpgWindows 7 Hotkey Guide
With new features come new keyboard shortcuts. This site has a list of all the new hotkeys so that you can immediately start taking advantage of the new features offered in Windows 7.

windows 7 file management.jpgWindows 7 Tells You What App is Using a Locked File
Windows 7 will take the mystery out of why you’re not able to rename/delete/move a file that’s in use. Instead of just popping up with a message saying that the file is being used by another process it will actually tell you what application is the culprit!

avg logo.jpgAntivirus Solutions for Windows 7 Beta
If you’ve been using Windows 7 Beta you may be wondering what antivirus solutions are available to you. At this point the Windows blog recommends Symantec, AVG, or Kaspersky. All three of them have a version of their software that will work with Windows 7 Beta, but some of the apps are in Beta themselves.

windows upgrade.jpgWindows 7 Upgrade Program
One source is saying that when you purchase a copy of Windows Vista after July 1st, 2009 you will automatically receive a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it becomes available. Guess that means we shouldn’t expect before July?

send feedback windows 7.jpgRemove the “Send Feedback” from Windows 7
If that “Send Feedback” link in the title bar of every window is annoying you this quick registry hack that will make it disappear.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

last freeware.jpgDownload the Last Freeware Version of Apps
It seems like more and more freeware applications are turning into paid apps these days, and this site provides download links for the last version that was offered for free.

remote desktop portable.jpgMake Remote Desktop Portable
This guide walks you through the necessary steps to turn Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application into something you can carry around with you on your USB drive.

itunes logo.jpgEnable Half Ratings in iTunes for Mac
If you’re a Mac user that wants to rate your music, for example, 3.5 stars this trick will allow you to do just that.

firefox search box.jpgUpdate Firefox’s Search Box with New Google Icon
Google has once again changed their icon, and if you want it to show up in the Firefox search box you’ll need to do a little tweaking.

musicy.jpgRecord Streaming Internet Radio
This open source tool will let you record streaming Internet radio stations so that you can listen to them a little later when it’s more convenient.

twitter facebook pidgin.jpgHow to Add Twitter/Facebook to Pidgin
Download Squad has a step-by-step breakdown of what you need to do to add Facebook and Twitter support to the Pidgin instant messenger application.