Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


office 14.jpgMicrosoft Office 14 Scheduled for 2010
Someone grabbed a roadmap from a presentation that Microsoft recently gave outlining some of the past Office releases. In the roadmap was also Office 14, which it says is slated for 2010.

chrome logo.jpgGoogle Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta, Already?
It’s been a whopping four-months since Google released Chrome 0.2 Beta, and shortly after that they released version 1.0. Why stop there? They are already moving on to version 2.0! It took Firefox 4-years to go from version 0.2 to 2.0, but it looks like version numbers don’t mean as much to Google. I think they are trying to artificially inflate the version to give users a better sense of stability.

dell adamo.jpgDell Adamo Looks Classy  
Most Dell computers don’t look quite as nice as what Apple offers, but the Adamo sure comes close. The aluminum body with backlit keyboard sure flow well together.

itunes.jpgApple’s $1.8 Billion iTunes Tax
At MacWorld Apple revealed that they will be moving to a totally DRM-free library, and users who have already purchased DRM’d music will be able to pay $0.30 per track to get the restrictions removed. With over 6 billion songs sold that means Apple could make an additional $1.8 billion if everyone decided to upgrade all of their music.

facebook.jpgFacebook Announces 150 Million Users
Zuckerberg Announced last week that Facebook is starting off the year with a bang by crossing the 150 million user mark.

asus eee keyboard.jpgAsus Eee Keyboard
The Asus Eee Keyboard will be going into production soon, and it includes WiFi, a speaker, microphone, and a 5-inch interactive display/touchscreen. It definitely looks slick, but I wonder what the price will be?

twitter hacked.jpgTwitter Gets Hacked
Think your Twitter account is secure? Well, about 33 high profile members (including Barack Obama) were hacked last week.

picasa mac.jpgPicasa for Mac Unveiled
It took a little longer than some would have liked, but Google has finally gotten around to releasing a Mac version of their Picasa photo management software. What’s nice is that it has all the same features as Picasa on Windows, and the interface fits in surprisingly well on the Mac, too.

google favicon.jpgGoogle’s New Icon
Google can’t seem to make up their mind with what they want to use for their icon. They’ve changed it once again this time adding a bit more color. I’m not sure about you, but the first time I saw it I didn’t immediately recognize that the white portion was the letter “g”.

–Special: Windows 7 News & Tips–

aspire.jpgVersion of Windows 7 for Netbooks
Some sources are confirming that Microsoft will be releasing a special version of the Windows 7 operating system specifically designed for netbooks. This really seems like a no brainer considering how popular netbooks have become.

windows 7 fixed.jpgSix Vista Annoyances Fixed in Windows 7
Ed Bott goes through six things that annoyed him in Vista that have been fixed in Windows 7. This includes UAC, the awkward preview pane, overcomplicated shutdown button, arranging windows, and more.

burn windows 7.jpgHow to Burn the Windows 7 ISO
So you’ve got the Windows 7 ISO image, but now what? You’ll probably want to burn it to a disc, and this guide will tell you what free tools you’ll need to do that.

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder-1.jpgWindows 7 Problem Steps Recorder
Having someone try and explain a computer problem can be a huge pain, and Microsoft has realized that. In Windows 7 there is a tool called the Problem Steps Recorder that can be used to quickly generate a document outlining the steps the user went through when a problem occurred, and it will automatically include screenshots from the machine.

windows 7 logo.jpgNo Windows 7 Download Limit Until January 24th
Microsoft has decided to lift the limit of 2.5 million downloads for the Windows 7 Beta until January 24th. So anyone can grab it and a serial number until that time, regardless of whether you’re before or after the 2.5 millionth download.

windows 7 theme.jpgWindows 7 Theme for Vista
As expected someone has developed a theme for Vista users that will make the operating system look like Windows 7.  

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

virus total.jpgScanning Files with Virus Total
I love the Virus Total online service because it can scan a single file for viruses using a few dozen different antivirus engines. With this free tool you can actually scan any file on your computer just by right-clicking on it, but it will still have to be uploaded first.

flip3d corner.jpgAssign “Hot Corners” to Flip-3D
If you like the hot corner capabilities of a Mac then this simple application is great for Vista users. It offers several different ways for you to activate Flip-3D, including any of the four “hot corners”.

iphone.jpgSee if the iPhone 3G Unlock will work for You
The people responsible for unlocking the iPhone 3G have put together this list of responses from users trying to unlock their device. It will give you an idea whether you should even attempt it, and right now it looks like it’s working for about 85% of the people.

google chrome.jpgGoogle Chrome Adblocker
I know a lot of you are waiting for Google Chrome to get an Ad-blocker, and this solution might be enough to hold you over until the browser gets official support for extensions.

pidgin sidebar.jpgPidgin Buddy List in Vista Sidebar
If you’re using Windows Vista you can actually add a Pidgin sidebar gadget to display a list of all your buddies. You’ll just need to download a plug-in for Pidgin and the Vista gadget to get it up and running.