Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


msdn office 2010.jpgOffice 2010 Beta Available
Microsoft has posted the Office 2010 Beta for MSDN and TechNet subscribers, but not before it had already been leaked. It was already appearing on your favorite BitTorrent search engine last week, but now there is some legitimacy to the download.

windows 7 oem.jpgIt’s “Illegal” to Use OEM Copy of Windows 7 on Your Own PC
I know several tech-savvy people who have purchased OEM copies of Windows 7 because they build their own PC’s, but if you look at the fine print doing so means you don’t have a genuine copy of the operating system. Microsoft says that you have to resell the PC to a third-party in order for it to be deemed legit, which is rather disheartening.

chrome extensions.jpgGoogle Getting Ready to Launch Extensions Site for Chrome?
The eagle-eyed people over at Download Squad noticed something new in the latest Chrome build… a reference to what appears to be an upcoming extensions site. Maybe Google Chrome extensions will finally become a bit more official, and I’m sure the extra publicity that developers will get will spark an onslaught of new extensions.

youtube hd.jpg1080p HD Coming to YouTube Next Week
Starting next week users will be able to watch videos in both 720p and 1080p HD formats. They have even said that they will begin re-encoding videos that have been previously uploaded at the higher resolution so that there’s no need for anyone to upload their videos again to get the better video quality.

–News in Brief–

windows 7 activation.jpgWindows 7 RTM Activation Bypassed by Hackers
Pirates just don’t give up… two new methods of bypassing Windows 7 activation emerge: RemoveWAT and ChewWGA.

itunes preview.jpgApple Launches iTunes Preview
Apple now provides a web-based version of iTunes that will let you preview URL’s before redirecting you to the iTunes software.

gizmo5.jpgGoogle Acquires Gizmo5
Google’s acquisition of Gizmo5 will be used to enhanced Google Voice, and will likely be used to tie features into Google Talk.

demonoid logo.jpgDemonoid Rewrites Code, Comeback is Imminent
According to TorrentFreak, Demonoid’s return will be coming soon after it was down for several weeks, but they had to rewrite code to account for the loss of data.

google storage.jpgGoogle Offers More Storage for Less Money
You can grab twice as much storage at a quarter of the old price over at Google… 20GB is just $5 a year and 80GB is $20 a year. Not bad! Or you can spring for the 16TB at $4k a year.

google wifi.jpgGoogle Provides Free WiFi at Airports This Holiday Season
47 different airports will be offering free WiFi for travelers this holiday season, compliments of Google.

firefox vulnerable.jpgFirefox Tops Vulnerability List
Firefox accounted for 44% of all vulnerabilities in the first half of 2009 according to an application security vendor.

firefox download.jpgCelebrating Five Years of Firefox
Last week the open source browser celebrated it’s fifth birthday.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

readyboost monitor.jpgWindows ReadyBoost Monitor
Windows 7 and Vista both support using ReadyBoost as a simple way to turn a USB drive or memory card into additional memory for the computer to use. ReadyBoost monitor is handy because you’ll be able to keep an eye as to whether your system is actually making use of the additional memory, and if so how often it’s being hit.

wally wallpaper changer.jpgWally Wallpaper Changer
Wally is a free and open source wallpaper changer that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. With it you can have it pull down images from online sources (such as Flickr), and flip through the different images on your desktop to help keep the scenery fresh.

phpanywhere.jpgPHPAnywhere: An Online PHP Editor
PHPAnywhere is a rather full-features PHP editor that is all handled online. It does your syntax highlighting, can edit files located on an FTP location, adjust permissions, and much more. You’ll always be able to work on your code no matter what PC you’re using. It’s a programmer’s dream!

–Tips in Brief–

mkv to dvd.jpgHow to Convert MKV Files to DVD
This free Windows app will let you convert a high-quality MKV video file to a format that can easily be burned to a DVD.

httptorrents.jpgDownload Torrents without BitTorrent
A website called httpTorrents is will let users download files directly without needing a BitTorrent client.

dvd knife.jpgExtract Clips from DVDs
DVD Knife is a free program that can be used to extract portions of a DVD to a single file.

linux mint.jpgLinux Mint 8 RC1 Spices Up Your Desktop
Linux Mint 8 builds on the latest Ubuntu 9.10 platform, and bundles a lot of apps/features to make it even easier to use.

wordpress backup.jpgAutomatically Backup Your WordPress Database
These instructions demonstrate how you can use a free WordPress plug-in to schedule database backups.

easyvpn.jpgComodo EasyVPN Created a Free VPN in a Few Clicks
You can set up your own VPN with this free software, but you can only do it at home (it’s not free for commercial use).

calendar week numbers.jpgShow Week Numbers in Google Calendar
Google has a special calendar you can add to your Google Calendar account that will display week/day numbers on your calendar.