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google calendar offline.jpgGmail & Google Calender Offline Support
Sometime in the next 6 weeks Google will be adding Gears support to both Gmail and Google Calendar. This is a big step for Google, and it will mean that their most popular services will be able to go offline if needed.

opera mobile.jpgOpera Mobile 9.5 Beta Released
It took a little while, but Opera has finally gotten around to releasing the first public Beta of their Opera Mobile 9.5 software. This is designed for Pocket PC devices, and is free while it’s in Beta. [related]

meebo.jpgMeebo Launching Branded Chat Services
Meebo has plans of launching a branded chat service for users that want to integrate chat capabilities on their own sites. It will also include an advertising option, and with it the publishers will get a cut of the revenue.

youtube tivo.jpgYouTube Comes to TiVo
Can’t find anything on TV to watch? Just flip on your TV and start watching millions of different YouTube videos through your TiVo. You can watch popular videos, recent videos, or search for something on the site. Talk about hours of quality entertainment.

app store.jpgUnofficial RSS Feeds for iPhone App Store
One thing Apple really needs to do is create an RSS feed that makes tracking new applications in the App Store easy. Luckily one group of people have taken it upon themselves to create RSS feeds for new apps, updated apps, and more.

dell xt.jpgDell Latitude XT Gets a Multitouch Upgrade
Dell has impressively released a free update for Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC owners that gives the operating system multitouch capabilities. You can do things like zoom in/out of photos in an iPhone-like fashion. [related]

gmail igoogle.jpgGmail iGoogle Gadget Gets Updated
Google has finally done justice to the iGoogle gadget for Gmail. Before it didn’t do much more than tell you what emails were in your Inbox, but now you can delete, mark as spam, and compose messages right from the homepage. Not bad.

leopard-1.jpgApple Goes After Psystar
Psystar has been selling computers with Mac OS X for a few months now, and it looks like Apple has finally unleashed their lawyers. Not only do they want Psystar to stop selling their computers, but they want them to recall all of the ones that have already shipped! [related]

android.jpgGoogle’s Android Not So Open After All
Google has apparently been giving 50 or so developers private access to improved versions of the Android operating system, and have bound them to non-disclosure agreements. That’s a little disappointing for everyone else developing for the platform.

share calendar.jpgFind the Name of Any Gmail User
Using Google Calendar you can apparently find the name of any Gmail user by simply sharing a calendar with that person. This is one way that spammers could possibly get your name to make an email appear personalized.

kindle.jpgAmazon Kindle 2.0 Coming Around October
The next generation Amazon Kindle will be coming just in time for the holiday season this year. It will have an improved form factor and be smaller in size, but the screen will still be the same size. [related]

youtube.jpgYouTube to Mask Data Before Giving it to Viacom
There was some worry about what kind of information Viacom was going to get from Google, but it looks like the data will be masked before it reaches the hands of Viacom. [related]

twitter.jpgTwitter Buys Summize
The Twitter search engine called Summize was purchased by none other than Twitter themselves. The transaction amount is unknown, but it’s estimated at about $15 million.

blimp-1.jpgBig Blimps Making a Comeback
Boeing is working with a Canadian company to create blimps that can carry heavy loads in remote areas. The 302-foot-long airships will be equipped with rotors to make flying them easier, and they’ll be able to carry 40 tons up to 200 miles without refueling.

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windows fixes.jpgTop 10 Computer Annoyances & How to Fix Them
Lifehacker shows us how to fix common annoyances, such as slipstreaming XP SP3 or shutting down Dashboard widgets on Mac OS X.

firefox background.jpgFirefox Wallpapers
Want to show off your love for Firefox? This is a great collection of wallpapers that you’re sure to enjoy.

iphone push email.jpgFree Push Email for iPhone
This is a guide on how you can setup free push email, contacts, and calendar for your iPhone. It’s not an optimal solution, but it’s hard to complain when it’s free.

print urls.jpgStop URL’s from Displaying When Printing Websites
Prevent URL’s from showing up whenever you print a website. These are instructions for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it takes just a few seconds to do.

tinyurl.jpgConvert TinyURL’s to Real URL’s
Services like TinyURL are nice because they conserve space, but it can be frustrating to not know where a link is going to take you before you actually click on it. Webware has a few different solutions that will convert the TinyURL links into the actual URL’s that they points to.