Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


googletv.pngGoogle TV Unveiled
Google has found their way on to your computer, on to your phone, and now wants to be on your TV. At their conference last week they announced Google TV, which merges your cable/satellite box, your TV, and the web so that it is all managed from one central interface. Sony will be building this into some of their TVs, and Logitech will be making a “companion” box running the Google TV platform… both of which will be on sale this Fall at Best Buy.

hotmail.jpgNew Hotmail Allows for Larger Attachments
From a global perspective Hotmail is the most used email service, but in the U.S. Hotmail is on the verge of giving up their second place position to Gmail (with Yahoo! in first). The new version of Hotmail, due out later this summer, will have a bunch of new features that will make managing your Inbox easier, but the big thing to me is the new attachment limitations. Hotmail will not only allow for 50MB attachments (Gmail is 25MB), but you can attach up to 10GB of files (Gmail is 25MB). That means you can attach 200 files that are each 50MB to an email, or that is equivalent to about 2,000 full resolution digital photos (assuming an average 5MB size). This is made possible thanks to direct integration with your SkyDrive account.

–News in Brief–

google ssl.jpgGoogle Offers Encrypted Search
You can now visit an HTTPS version of Google homepage to help hide your session from third parties.

att.jpgAT&T Early Termination Nearly Doubles on June 1st
Beginning June 1st the AT&T early termination fee will be upped from $175 to $325 for all smartphone users.

froyo.jpgGoogle Android 2.2 Revealed
The next generation Android OS will include significant speed improvements, tethering capabilities, Flash support, and more.

rotten itunes.jpgiTunes Store Includes Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
A silent update to the iTunes store adds ratings to movies from the Rotten Tomatoes site.

itouch camera.jpgLeaked iPod Touch Includes 2MP Camera
A leaked iPod Touch model has a small camera in it, which was rumored to have been supposedly pulled from the the current models at the last minute.

chrome os screenshot.jpgMore Google Chrome OS Screenshots
This article includes screenshots of the notification panel, tab navigation, and the open file dialog in the Chrome OS.

hotmail logo.jpgHotmail by Numbers
Find out some stats about Hotmail, such as that there are over 15 billion Office documents being stored right now.

android.jpgNexus One Won’t Be Offered Online Anymore
Google has decided that selling their Nexus One phone online is not the best route to go, and the device will be pulled from their online store once retail channels are in place.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

webm converter.jpgMiro Video Converter First Tool to Produce WebM Videos
We wrote about the free Miro Video Converter a little while back, and one shining point is definitely its simplicity. This free app is also one of the first to offer WebM (a video format announced by Google, Mozilla, Adobe and others) as one of the types you can save a video as.

jailbreak ipad.jpgReasons to Jailbreak Your iPad
Gizmodo has written up a great article that covers many of the jailbroken apps that have already been made iPad-compatible. I have personally jailbroken my iPad just so I could get some of the functionality that they mention… most notably the ability to run apps in the background. If you own an iPad check out this article to see if jailbreaking is right for you.

–Tips in Brief–

chromium.jpgGoogle Chrome Password Syncing
New Chromium builds let users sync their saved passwords so that they are accessible from any computer.

firefox android.jpgNightly Builds of Firefox for Android
Mozilla has begun rolling out nightly releases of Fennec, a mobile version of Firefox, on the Android platform.

aero blur tweaker.jpgWindows Aero Blur Tweaker
This free utility will let you disable the blurring portion of the Aero interface, which makes it fully transparent.

xbmc.jpgGuide to Setting Up XBMC
A comprehensive guide to setting up XBMC on your computer, and getting everything tailored to your needs.

manage wordpress comments-1.jpgManage WordPress Blog Comments from Your Desktop
A Windows app to let you manage (approve/reply/delete) your WordPress blog comments.  

skydrive viewer.jpgQuickly Find your SkyDrive WebDAV Paths
The SkyDrive Simple Viewer lets you snag your WebDAV paths so that you can map your account as a drive letter on your PC.

hd trailers.jpgDownload HD Movie Trailers in Bulk
This doesn’t have a GUI, but by editing a configuration file you can set this app up to download movie trailers.

netbook os.jpgSome Alternative Netbook Operating Systems
This is a rundown on some operating systems you can run on your netbook, including a customized version of Ubuntu that comes with proprietary codecs for things like MP3 playback.

tweak prefetch.jpgConfigure Windows Prefetch and Superfetch
Tweak the way both Prefetch and Superfetch work in Windows, such as whether apps or the OS are able to use it.

flux monitor.jpgUse F.lux to Adjust Monitor Brightness Automatically
F.lux is a free Windows app that will adjust your screen brightness based upon the time of day.