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android.jpgAndroid SMS Bug Sends Messages to Random Contacts
An ongoing bug on Android devices, which has lingered for over 6-months, has been known to send messages to unintended recipients.

firefox tabs on top.jpgFirefox Experimenting with Tabs on Title Bar
Mozilla is looking at the possibility of making a user interface change by placing the tabs in the title bar area like some other browsers have been doing. As it stands right now this will only occur when you maximize the Firefox window though.

pirated tv shows-1.jpgTop 10 Most Pirated TV Shows of 2010
Rounding out the list of most pirated TV shows of 2010 are Lost, Heroes, Dexter, Big Bang Theory, and House.

skype ios video call.jpgSkype Adds Video Calls to iOS App
Skype has rolled out features that show off what Apple’s Facetime should have been when it launched. It allows video streaming over WiFi and 3G in addition to being able to connect with people using the desktop version of the Skype software.

windows phone 7.jpgWindows Phone Marketplace Hits 5k App Milestone
It may not sound like much, but in a few short months the Windows Phone Marketplace has managed to accumulate over 5,000 apps that are available for download.

mozilla addons.jpgMozilla Addons Site Vulnerability
Mozilla disclosed that there was a vulnerability on their addons.mozilla.org site where user accounts were accidentally left available on a public server. The database included 44,000 accounts that were supposedly inactive and use an older MD5 password hash, whereas newer accounts use more secure encryption methods. All compromised individuals have been contacted through email.

leo laporte.jpgLeo Laporte’s Podcast Empire
The New York Times has an interesting article about Leo Laporte and his TWiT podcast network. One of the more interesting stats they revealed was that TWiT’s advertising revenue is expected to be between $4 million and $5 million in 2010.

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loan kindle book.jpgLoan Kindle Books to Friends for 14-Days
On certain Kindle books you may notice an option to “loan this book” to a friend, which will give them access to a digital copy for 14-days. Pretty slick.

nook kindle.jpgHow to Root the Nook Color
This step-by-step guide walks you through everything you’ll need to get access to the Android Marketplace where you’ll also be able to download the Kindle app.

extrabuttons.jpgAdd Additional Window Controls to the Title Bar
eXtraButtons is a program that will add some buttons to the title bar of your windows which offer functionality like minimizing them to the tray, pushing the window to the background, and more.