Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


windows phone 7 series.jpgWindows Phone 7 Series Hands-On
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Microsoft unveiled the next generation of their mobile operating system called Windows Phone 7 Series. They have essentially scrapped everything you knew about Windows Mobile, and started from scratch to make an interface that is much more like the Zune. It’s clean, fast, and all first impressions from reviewers are extremely positive. You should expect to see Windows Phone 7 Series devices in time for the holiday season later this year.

office 2011.jpgOffice 2011 for Mac Getting a Ribbon UI
Microsoft has released some information regarding Office 2011 for the Mac, and in the mix is a slightly revamped UI that will match more closely what Windows users see when they fire-up Office. This already looks much better than Office 2008 in my opinion, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Not to mention the fact that this will actually include Outlook for handling emails instead of the frowned upon Entourage app.

–News in Brief–

google buzz.jpgGoogle Buzz Adapts to User Feedback
Google has received a lot of complaints about Buzz (mostly in regards to security), and they have quickly rolled out changes to help address the high-priority issues.

google maps labs.jpgGoogle Maps Gets Labs
Labs has found it’s way into another Google product… Maps. Some examples of what you can do are things like find the latitude/longitude of your cursor’s position or draw a box around an area you want to zoom into.

windows.jpgWindows Patch Cripples XP with Blue Screen
One of the Windows Updates pushed out by Microsoft incapacitated some machines and threw them into an endless cycle of reboots.

opera browser.jpgOpera 10.5 Beta Released
Opera posted the first Beta release of version 10.5, and it boasts private browsing, a faster JavaScript engine, and a redesigned interface.

google fiber optic.jpgGoogle Announces Experimental Fiber Optic Network for Consumers
Google will be pushing out a fiber optic Internet connection to upwards of 500,000 consumers, and are taking nominations for areas in the U.S. that are interested.

opera mini.jpgOpera Mini for the iPhone
Opera showed off the “mini” version of their browser at Mobile World Congress that is designed specifically for the iPhone.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

tvrename-1.jpgAutomatically Organize Your TV Shows
Downloading TV Shows from the Internet via BitTorrent or other sources can be annoying for those filename neat-freaks out there. Often times the files are named in obscure manners that can make the files difficult to identify, or at the very least not easy to read. The free app called TVRename assists with that issue by renaming the files into a more friendly format automatically for you.

multifox.jpgSign Into Multiple Gmail Accounts in Firefox
The MultiFox Firefox extension lets you create multiple cookie sessions in the browser so that you can sign into more than one online account at a time. This is particularly useful for me because I have multiple Gmail accounts, and with this I don’t have to sign out of one before switching over to another.

–Tips in Brief–

NetNewsWire.jpg6 Best Tools for Scheduling Twitter Updates
Use these various services and tools to automatically schedule your tweets to post at a certain time/day.

belvedere.jpgAutomate File Management with Belvedere
This free Windows utility will let you automatically manage files (delete, move, etc…) based on extension, date created, and more as they get added to a folder that you choose to monitor.

email photos.jpgEmailing Photos to Windows Live SkyDrive
This guide explains how you can quickly add images to your free 25GB SkyDrive account via email.

picasa downloader.jpgGoogle Picasa Album Download Tools
Bulk download your images using one of these free tools… including one that is a Firefox extension.

orangenote.jpgSmart Note Taker & Clipboard Manager
OrangeNote is a free note taking application for Windows that is one of the best-looking sticky note apps I’ve seen.

iphone explorer.jpgiPhone Explorer for the iPhone & iPod Touch
This free Windows/Mac app will let you navigate the files on your iPhone without having to jailbreak.

google docs wedding.jpgWedding Planning with Google Docs
Google announced some free templates and tips for people who want to use Google Docs for planning a wedding.

bartap.jpgKeep Background Tabs from Loading in Firefox
This Firefox extension will keep background tabs from loading until you actually switch to them.

chrome new tab tasks.jpgTurn Chrome’s New Tab Page into a Google Tasks Page
View your Google task list each time you open a new tab in Google Chrome.

listary.jpgSpruce Up Windows Find-as-You-Type
Listary adds a visual reference to the find-as-you-type functionality in Windows Explorer.