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Skype metroSkype for Windows 8 (Metro Interface) Leaks
Neowin got a chance to play around with the new Metro-style Skype app that will be coming out for Windows 8.

Twitter apiTwitter’s API Update Makes Things Difficult for Developers
Twitter is putting all kinds of limits in place that are going to make it hard for third-party developers to freely grow without getting special approvals from Twitter.

Google incremental app updatesGoogle Will Use Incremental Updates for Android Apps
Now this is cool. Google will start sending users incremental app updates rather than forcing users to redownload entire apps when an update is released.

Google transitGoogle Maps Has Scheduled For Over a Million Public Transit Stops
Google is once again (rightfully) boasting their vast public transportation database that now includes information from over a million public transit stops. Apple soon won’t benefit from this as they will be switching to their own maps in iOS 6 and will push users to third party apps for public transit data.

Windows rt battery lifeWindows RT Battery Life Specs
Microsoft announced that tablets will be made available later this year from ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung. They also provided minimum/maximum specs for the tablets including battery life which appears to range from 8-13 hours when watching HD videos.

Pebble watch ui demoPebble Watch UI Preview
The Pebble team posted an interesting demonstration video that briefly shows off how you’ll interact with the watch once it becomes available.

FrommersGoogle Plans to Buy Frommer’s Travel Guides
Google is looking to beef up it’s travel review portfolio by scooping up Frommer’s, which comes about a year after they bought Zagat for restaurant reviews.

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Chrome windows explorerChrome-Style Tabbed Browsing in Windows Explorer
Looking to add some tabs to Windows Explorer? The Clover app can do that, and it does so with a Chrome-like style. At first you’ll probably do a double-take thinking someone stuffed Windows Explorer inside of Chrome.