Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Verizon tiered data structureVerizon Switches to Tiered Data Plans
Verizon, just like AT&T, is migrating towards tiered data plans that range from $10/month for 75MB up to $80/month for 10GB.


Opera wahooOpera 12 Pre-Alpha Released
Now that Opera 11.5 was recently pushed out the door the next iteration, codenamed Wahoo (destined to become Opera 12), is available for developers to download.


Amazon cloud driveAmazon Adds More Features to Cloud Music Service
For a limited time only users who sign up for any paid storage plan (as low as $20 per year) will get unlimited music storage on Amazon Cloud Drive.


Facebook chatFacebook Enhancing Web-Based Chat
The new Facebook chat lets you have group conversations and even video chat with one other person thanks to video calling powered by Skype.


Spotify usSpotify Announces Upcoming US Launch
Last week Spotify officially came forward to say that their music service will soon be landing in the US, and allowed users to sign up for an invite.


Jailbreakme3JailbreakMe.com Updated with iPad 2 Support
iOS hackers are at it again with another web-based jailbreak that even supports the iPad 2.


Google multiple sign inGoogle Multiple Sign-in Now Supporting 10 Accounts
I was a little disappointed when Google’s multiple account sign-in feature only supported 3 simultaneous accounts, but it looks like they have quietly upped it to 10 accounts.


Blogger picasaGoogle Rebranding Blogger/Picasa?
Mashable has heard that Picasa will be renamed to Google Photos and that Blogger will be renamed to Google Blogs in the coming weeks.


Hotmail calendarHotmail Boasts 15-Years of Service
It’s amazing to think that Hotmail has been around for over 15-years, and to celebrate the milestone they are rolling out a mini-calendar view to your Inbox.


Wordpress 32WordPress 3.2 Released
The latest iteration of WordPress is faster, lighter, has a refreshed dashboard, includes a new theme, and comes with a distraction-free writing mode.


–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Media center themeAwesome New Theme for Windows Media Center
You may be aware that you can theme your Windows Media Center, but the challenge is finding something that looks decent enough to replace the stock theme. This one, called Platform, is possibly the best I’ve seen.


Inbox styleChoose Your Gmail Inbox Style
Google is making it easier for users to switch between different types of email inboxes with their new navigation scheme.


Swype iosUnofficial Swype Keyboard Available for Jailbroken iOS Devices
Any iOS user that has been longing for a Swype-style keyboard can jailbreak their device to get their hands on the free mod. I tried it out, and the results aren’t quite as good as what I’ve gotten with the official Swype app on Android, but I’m sure it will continue to improve.


Download google mapsGoogle Maps for Android Adds Offline Capability
Android users are definitely lucky with the innovations coming to their Google Maps app, and this time Google is letting users download areas on a map (up to a 10-mile radius) for offline viewing.


Thunderbird conversationsThunderbird Conversation Brings Gmail-Like Interface to Thunderbird
The new Thunderbird Conversations 2.0 includes support for Thunderbird 5, and provides a Gmail-like conversation view when reading your emails.


Get folder sizeFind Large Folders on Your Machine
GetFoldersize is a free Windows app that can analyze how the disk space is used on your computer and identify large files/folders.


CantioCantio is a YouTube-Powered Music Player
Cantio is a free music service powered by the wide variety of music found on YouTube.


Dropbox portableHow to Make Your Dropbox Portable
Sometimes it would be nice to run Dropbox on any machine without having to worry about going through the configuration process, and this is especially useful for machines where you don’t have access to install new programs. These instructions walk you through how to make your own portable version of Dropbox.