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Google trackGoogle Paying Users to Track Web Usage
If you’re looking to make a little extra money you can give up some of your privacy to Google in exchange for cash, and all you have to do is install a browser extension. Some users may even be offered what appears to be a Cisco router that can parse your traffic if you really don’t care about your privacy, but you have to be selected for that program.

Amazon videosAmazon Inks Deal With Viacom
Amazon members can snag some Viacom content including MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. This also means that Amazon Prime members can take advantage of the larger 15,000 video library available for streaming at no additional cost.

Windows 8 media centerMicrosoft Still Confirms That Media Center Will Be In Windows 8
There was some concern last week when word got out that the upcoming Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 wouldn’t include Media Center, but Microsoft tweeted an image proving that they do have Media Center running on Windows 8.

KubuntuCanonical Ending Support for Kubuntu
It appears as though volunteers will have to take over development of Kubuntu after version 12.04 gets released, because Canonical will no longer be funding the KDE-based project.

Symantec source codeHacker Releases Symantec Source Code
The source code to Symantec pcAnywhere is floating around The Pirate Bay. The hacker also posted the email correspondence that they had with Symantec.

Super bowl2.1 Million Streamed the Super Bowl
This year NBC decided to let users stream the Super Bowl online or to a mobile device completely free, but only 2.1 million users took advantage of it. Some 111.3 million decided to stick to the television to watch the big game.

Mobile appsMobile App Economy Brings an Estimated 466K Jobs to U.S.
A recent study estimates that since 2007 when the iPhone launched there have been roughly 466,000 new jobs that are focused on creating mobile apps.

Chrome androidGoogle Chrome for Android (Beta) Available
It took awhile, but Google is finally working on bringing their awesome Chrome desktop browser to Android devices.

Twitter super bowlTweet Stats from the Super Bowl
Twitter posted some interesting stats about user activity during the Super Bowl, and the numbers are pretty amazing. Over 13.7 million tweets were posted regarding the Super Bowl, and the peak was in the final three minutes of the game where over 12k tweets were posted every second.

Btjunkie downBitTorrent Search Engine BTjunkie Shuts Down
One of the largest BitTorrent sites on the Internet closed its doors voluntarily after nearly 7-years, and the only reasoning given on the site was a statement saying that it was time to move on.

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Linux mint widgetsPut Some Widgets on Your Linux Mint 12 Desktop
This guide walks you through how to install widgets on Linux Mint, which will provide quick access to things like the weather and a notepad for jotting down notes.

Google reader full feedsGet Full Feeds in Google Reader
Some people prefer to see the full website/article when reading feeds, and thanks to this Chrome extension you can view an embedded version of a site without leaving Google Reader.