Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


macbook air-1.jpgMacBook Air SSD Now $500 Cheaper
Ever since the MacBook Air launched it has had a solid state drive (SSD) as an option. With that you’re supposed to get better stability, performance, and battery life, but it came at a price. The machine used to cost $3,098, but it just got cut down to $2,598. [related] [via]

xandros logo.jpgXandros Acquires Linspire
Many of you may not have heard about Xandros before, but it’s the Linux distribution that powers the Eee PC. Just yesterday they acquired Linspire in hopes that their one-click software delivery and update system (called CNR) will simplify Linux for the masses. [related] [via]

mobileme logo.jpgSync Your .Mac Bookmarks by July 6th
Apple is preparing for the transition from .Mac to MobileMe, and in doing so they are telling everyone that they need to sync their bookmarks before July 6th. You’ll still be able to sync your bookmarks with MobileMe, but they are cutting off the .Mac version. [related] [via]

apple new york.jpgTop 100 Retail Landmarks
This is a long list of retail stores around the world that have really distinguished themselves. Among those included are the Apple Store in New York, and Nike Town in London. [via]

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ubuntu logo.jpgMore Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 1 Screenshots
If you haven’t seen enough of the Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha this is a good screenshot gallery to checkout. It shows off the current state of the new theme very well, but the color scheme still hasn’t grown on me. [related] [via]

dell logo.jpgVideo of the New Dell Dock in Action
When we found out that new Dell computers were coming with an Apple-like dock we quickly began wondering how well it would handle itself. Gizmodo managed to get their hands on a system that included the dock, and they were a bit disappointed with how it worked. On an interesting note the dock for the Dell computers is made by Stardock. [related]

kde logo.jpgHow to Run KDE Apps in Windows
Been itching to run some KDE applications in Windows? No problem… this tutorial will hold your hand through the process. I have to say that it’s a bit weird seeing programs like Konqueror and Kopete in Windows. [via]

fireworks.jpgTaking Better Fireworks Photos
Lifehacker shows us how we can get better at taking Fireworks photos. They go through things like adjusting the exposure, controlling the ISO, and more.

opera logo.jpgAuto-hiding Toolbars in Opera
The Opera Watch blog has posted instructions on how you can assign keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures to automatically hide just about any toolbar. You can even customize the auto-hide delay.

mac logo.jpgUse the Tab Key to Navigate Dialogs on a Mac
One of the things that irked me when I got a new Mac was how the Tab key skipped over any drop-down menus and radio buttons on any forms. I don’t know why it operates this way by default, but luckily there’s a setting in the system preferences for switching up its behavior.

vlc logo.jpgDo More with VLC Media Player
Lifehacker has a great tutorial on how you can do more with the free VLC media player. They show you things like ripping DVD’s, converting videos, and streaming media from one computer to another. VLC is a cross-platform application.