Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


ubuntu 10 theme.jpgUbuntu 10.04 To Sport a New Theme
After six years the Ubuntu operating system will be going under the knife, and will come out with a fresh new makeover. They are dropping a lot of the brown that users had come to associate with Ubuntu, and the old design dubbed “Human” is taking a backseat to “Light.” Everything has been revamped from icons to the boot screen, and even the logo has been modernized a bit. Canonical expects the facelift to represent the operating system for years to come.

picnik.jpgPicnik Gets Acquired by Google
Picnik is an online photo editor that was being managed by just 20 employees… until last week when they were acquired by Google. According to their team nothing will be changing immediately, and integration with third-party services such as Flickr will still remain available. It seems only natural that Picnik will become heavily integrated into Picasa, but that will likely take months (if not longer) for them to accomplish.

–News in Brief–

remail.jpgGoogle Open Sources reMail
Not that long ago Google acquired the makers of an iPhone app called reMail, and they are now open-sourcing the technology so that iPhone developers can have an excellent starting point for creating apps that need to access IMAP email accounts.

office 2010.jpgOffice 2010 Upgrade Guarantee
If you buy a copy of Office 2007 between now and the release of Office 2010 (business launch is May 12th, consumer launch is in June) you will get a free upgrade to the latest version.

docverse.jpgGoogle Docs Welcomes DocVerse
The acquisition of DocVerse means that Google officially supports integration with the widely popular Microsoft Office desktop applications.

ipad.jpgiPad Available on April 3rd
Apple announced that pre-orders for the iPad will begin on May 12th, and will be available at stores on April 3rd.

10 billion tweets.jpg10 Billion Tweets
Twitter boldly passes the 10-billion tweet mark, and to celebrate the event tweeters around the world… tweeted some more.

roger ebert.jpgRoger Ebert Regains Voice with Mac Software
Thanks to a heavily customized text-to-speech Mac application Roger Ebert can now speak in his old voice.

tivo.jpgTiVo Unveils Series4 DVRs
This week TiVo held a media event to show off the new Series4 DVRs that include a revamped user interface and some new online video integration.

windows7.jpgMore than 90 Million Copies of Windows 7 Sold
In less than 5-months Microsoft has sold more than 90 million copies of Windows 7.

messenger.jpgBehind-the-Scenes Look at the Windows Live Messenger Service
Interested in what goes on to keep one of the most popular messenger services running? Microsoft divulges some details on what it takes to make a few thousand servers work together to provide 300 million users the joy of instant communication.

opera 10.5.jpgOpera 10.5 Released, and Speedier than Ever
The newest milestone of the Opera web browser boasts significant performance and functionality enhancements.

google trike.jpgWinners of the Street View Trike Contest
Google talks about what areas (such as college campuses) will be added to Street View via a man-powered trike.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

firefox plugin crash.jpgFirefox Developer Preview Isolates Plugins
Mozilla has posted a preview release of the Gecko platform that forms the basis for apps like Firefox. The preview can isolate plugins like Flash and Silverlight from the rest of the browser. If one of those plugins happens to crash the rest of the browser will be fine. They offer a version of Firefox that can expose this feature, but keep in mind that it is currently not available for Mac users… it will be by the time they are done though.

geosense-1.jpgGeosense for Windows
Some young pioneers decided to whip up a sensor for Windows 7 that will determine your approximate location using your WiFi and IP address info. This information can then be relayed on to apps, such as the weather widget, that can use that data to add relevancy. There aren’t many things that take advantage of it at this point, but I can see apps incorporating this functionality in later releases. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

–Tips in Brief–

google wave notifications.jpgGet Google Wave Email Notifications
You can finally get notified via email when a response is posted to one of your waves.

flavors.jpgQuickly Create Personal Websites
Flavors.me is a free service that lets you easily create a personal website without using any desktop software.

windows media center.jpgIncrease Live TV Pause Buffer in Windows 7 Media Center
This will let you pause the television stream in Windows 7 for more than the default 40-minutes.

How to Setup Your Own Web Proxy Server For Free with Google App Engine [Video Tutorial].jpgSetup Your Own Proxy Server
A quick set of instructions on how to set up your own free proxy server in just a few minutes.

tracked addons.jpgMonitor for Experimental Firefox Extension Updates
This add-on will let you update your Firefox extensions whenever an experimental release is posted. That means you won’t have to wait for Mozilla’s stamp of approval.

shellfolderfix.jpgMake Windows 7 Remember Explorer Windows’ Size and Position
This free app should resolve the issue where Windows 7 doesn’t always remember the last size and position of a Windows Explorer window.

visual tabs chrome.jpgVisually Browse Open Chrome Tabs
Get a coverflow-like interface for viewing all of your open tabs in Google Chrome.

dropio plugin.jpgUtilize Drop.io for 100MB Attachments in Outlook
Attach files up to 100MB in size to your emails without leaving Outlook by using the free Drop.io service.

disk space fan.jpgAnalyze Hard Drive Usage with Disk Space Fan
A fast and beautiful hard drive analyzer that can help you determine what’s eating up all your space.