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Utorrent logouTorrent Becomes Ad-Supported
I was worried back when BitTorrent Inc. purchased uTorrent back in 2006, but they reassured users that things would not change much. Over the years, however, a lot of things have been added to the application and now they are throwing in advertising as well. I’m sure that will be enough to turn most users to another app for downloading torrents.

Gmail searchGet Gmail Results Alongside Google Search Results
Google is testing a new search interface that displays results from your Gmail inbox along the right side of the screen when performing a Google search.

OuyaXBMC Coming to Ouya
It has been announced that a version of the popular XBMC media center software is being developed for the $100 Ouya, an Android-powered game console due for release next year.

Windows 8 logoMicrosoft Won’t Allow Users to Boot to Desktop in Windows 8
In the final shipping version of Windows 8 Microsoft has removed some of the tricks people were using to boot directly to the desktop.

DemonoidDemonoid Down for Good?
The Ukraine government has stepped in to shutdown Demonoid, a popular semi-private torrent site. Over the last few years Demonoid has had its fair share of hosting issues, and they’ve always managed to bounce back. We’ll have to give the admins some time to see if they can revive the site, again.

Curiosity roverCuriosity Lands on Mars
NASA has dropped another rover, called Curiosity, on Mars. The rover touched down on Mars just over a week ago after being gently lowered to the planet using a skycrane.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Screenshot appAdvanced Screenshot Program for Windows
Live Capture is an advanced screenshot app for Windows that lets you take freehand captures, timed captures, auto scrolling captures, web captures, and more.

Mountain lion pcInstall OS X Mountain Lion On A PC
This guide covers some of the things you need to do in order to get OS X Mountain Lion running on a PC.