Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


Windows phone jailbreakChevronWP7 Team Releases Tool to Unlock Windows Phones
ChevronWP7 is a tool that was developed with Microsoft’s help, and will let users write and share homebrew code on Windows Phone 7 devices.

Apple glass cubeApple’s New Fifth Avenue Store Cube Fully Revealed
Last week the Fifth Avenue Apple Store showed off the new glass cube, which was previously made up of 90 pieces of glass and is now done with just 15.

Kindle lendingAmazon Kindle and Prime Owners Get Free Books
Amazon Kindle owners that are also Prime subscribers can borrow up to one free book each month from a decent library that even contains some past best sellers.

XoomMotorola Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition
Motorola will be releasing two new tablets, and one will be a “Media Edition” that has a wider viewing angle and better graphics processing.

Aol dialupAOL Still Has 3.5 Million Dial-up Subscribers
I was amazed when I heard that there are still 3.5 million people in the U.S. who are using AOL’s dial-up service to connect to the Internet.

Ios gmailGoogle Launches Then Pulls iOS Gmail App
Last week Google released a Gmail app for iOS that received a lot of criticism for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it displayed an error upon startup. After just a few hours they pulled the app while they could work on a fix.

New gmailGoogle Testing New Gmail Design and HD Themes
Gmail users can test out a new design by clicking the respective link in the bottom-right corner of their Gmail window. After you do that you can start playing with the HD themes, and I have to admit that the Planets theme looks even more awesome with the new layout.

Siri jailbreakIt Could Be Awhile for Siri to Arrive (Unofficially) on Other iOS Devices
It has been proven that Siri can run on other iOS devices, but the hackers said not to expect it anytime soon due to legal concerns.

Opera readerOpera Reader Turning Scroll Bars into Pages
Opera is testing out a new way to read sites where they implement a paging system to make sites feel more like books. So instead of scrolling down to read a story you’d click to go from one page to another.

Google reader redesignGoogle Reader Redesign Goes Live
There was quite an uproar with the Google Reader revamp because not only did it include a visual redesign (which I personally like), but they also did away with many of the sharing features in favor of Google+ integration.

Apple retailApple Retail Stores to Allow Self-Checkout via iOS App
Apple is apparently testing the waters with a self-checkout system where users can purchase accessories from the Apple Store iOS app and have the item(s) charged to the customer’s iTunes account.

UbuntuUbuntu Coming to Phones and Tablets
After the Ubuntu 12.04 desktop release is done in early 2012 Mark Shuttleworth, the Ubuntu founder, said that resources will be shifting to developing a mobile version of their Linux OS.

Apple 3d mapsApple Acquires 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies
Apple is definitely beefing up their mapping repertoire with their latest purchase of C3 Technologies. The company’s primary focus is on creating realistic-looking 3D maps.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

Ios cameraSwipe to the Side in the iOS Camera App for Recent Photos
A new feature in iOS 5 lets you swipe to the side while in the Camera app to see photos you have recently taken.

Lion hackintoshDirectly Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh
Installing Mac OS X Lion on a Hackintosh just got a lot easier with a tool that will let you install Lion without having to upgrade from Snow Leopard.

MultibarMultibar is a Windows Dock With Add-on Support
This isn’t the first dock app we’ve seen for Windows, and it certainly won’t be the last, but when it comes to appearances it is one of the more polished docks I’ve seen.

Chrome windows 8Windows 8-Style New Tab Page in Chrome
If you like the colorful tile interface found in the Windows 8 then this new tab page replacement extension for Chrome might be for you.