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Office iosMicrosoft Office for iPhone, iPad, and Android Revealed
The Verge says that Microsoft will be releasing Office for iOS and Android in early 2013, and they provide a few screenshots of what we can expect.

Chrome privacyGoogle Chrome 23 Released with Do Not Track Support
Google Chrome is the last major browser to support Do Not Track, which tries to prevent cross-site tracking of users.

Skype windows live messengerWindows Live Messenger Getting Retired
Sometime in the first quarter of 2013 Microsoft will be retiring Windows Live Messenger, but you will still be able to talk to your Messenger contacts through Skype.

Xbox tabletXbox Surface: Microsoft’s 7-inch Gaming Tablet
Microsoft is supposedly working on a 7-inch gaming tablet that they will call the Xbox Surface, according to The Verge.

HuluCBS Signs Deal with Hulu
It took some time, but CBS is finally starting to come around and starting in January 2013 they will start offering shows on Hulu. The bad news is that most of the episodes will only be available to paid Hulu Plus subscribers, and will only include shows from previous seasons.

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Evernote 5 iosThe New Evernote 5 for iOS
Evernote completely redesigned their iOS app, and I have to say that it looks pretty darn good. There are some options missing though like being able to sort by date created (you can only sort by date updated), and I’m hoping they will get around to adding those kinds of things back in.

Windows 8 boot campWindows 8 on a Mac with Boot Camp
Ars Technica outlines how you can get Windows 8 up and running on your Mac using Boot Camp.

Itunes remote androidRemotely Control iTunes with Your Android Device
Retune, A free app in the Google Play Store, will let you remotely control iTunes playback from your Android device.

Bookmark taggerTag Your Chrome Bookmarks
The Bookmarks Tagger extension will let you tag sites, and lets you search your tags right from the address bar.