Welcome to the WrapUp by CyberNet. This is a collection of news stories, downloads, and tips that we have collected over the last few days, but never got around to writing about. Don’t forget to send in your own tips, or just leave a comment on this page if you think you’ve got something we should include.


google instant chrome.jpgGoogle Instant Integration Landing in Chrome
An early iteration of Google Instant is appearing in the Omnibar for pre-release versions of Chrome, and feels a little rough around the edges right now.

bloglines.jpgBloglines is Shutting Down
According to the Ask.com blog, they will be shutting down Bloglines starting October 1st, and they recommend exporting your feeds and moving over to another service.

google instant.jpgBehind the Scenes of Google Instant
Google shows off some of the prototypes that went on before the launch of Google Instant search results.

ipod nano watch.jpgTurning Your iPod Nano into a Watch
Owners of the new iPod Nano can purchase this strap that will instantly convert your portable music device into a slightly oversized wristwatch.

ios 41.jpgiOS 4.1 Released for iPhones & iPods
Last week Apple rolled out a major iOS update the includes Game Center, HDR photos (on the iPhone 4), HD video uploading, and TV show rentals.

versiontracker.jpgVersionTracker.com Traffic Now Directed to CNET
Anyone that has visited VersionTracker lately will notice that CNET has decided to decommission the site and redirect all traffic to CNET’s downloads section.

vlc ipad-1.jpgVLC Coming to iPad
The VLC media player is popular because of it’s support for playing nearly any video format, and an iPad-compatible version has not only been developed but has also been submitted to Apple for acceptance.

bieber twitter servers.jpgJustin Bieber Uses 3% of Twitter’s Servers
Bieber has racks of servers dedicated to him according to a Tweet from a Twitter employee.

firefox 4 hardware acceleration.jpgMozilla Firefox 4 to Support Hardware Acceleration
Windows users will be able to enjoy hardware accelerated rendering in the latest Firefox 4 Beta.

mozilla labs gaming.jpgMozilla Labs Gaming Announced
Last week Mozilla briefly introduced a gaming initiative that will kick off with an international competition.

webos 2.jpgMore WebOS 2.0 Beta Screenshots Leaked
Some more screenshots are available of the upcoming WebOS 2.0 that will likely power new Palm devices.

ie9 beta.jpgVideo of IE9 Beta
IE9 Beta will be launching on September 15th, but until then you can enjoy this new video showing off the new UI and hardware acceleration.

cydia rock you phone.jpgCydia Acquires Rock Your Phone
Jailbroken iPhone users can say goodbye to Rock Your Phone because it has been acquired by Cydia, and all existing licenses will be merged over to the Cydia store.

–Tips, Tutorials, and Reviews–

priority inbox.jpg5 Tips for Using Gmail Priority Inbox
Gmail’s new Priority Inbox is something I’ve been enjoying, and Google outlines some features you may not have initially noticed.

minilyrics.jpgLyrics Plugin for Popular Music Players
This free Windows app can display lyrics for songs playing in Winamp, WMP, iTunes, and many others. It also includes a Karaoke mode that will highlight the lyrics as the song plays.

computer tv tuner.jpgPicking the Right TV Tuner for Your Computer
Lifehacker goes through some of the various types of TV tuners available depending on what kind of stations you’re trying to grab.

android notifications.jpgGet Android Notifications on Your Desktop
There an awesome app for Android users that will send notifications to your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop… including call and text message notifications.

easymon.jpgEasyMon Moves Windows Between Monitors
EasyMon will let you create shortcut keys to move any application from one monitor to another, in addition to maximizing it.

cyberduck.jpgCyberduck Adds Support for Google Storage; Windows Version Coming
A recent update to the Mac FTP application Cyberduck adds support for uploading to Google Storage, and a Windows-compatible version of the application will be out soon.

firefox filesize.jpgPreviewing the File Size of Firefox Downloads
A simple Firefox extension adds the file size of a download in the informational popup you see before starting the transfer.

google voice.jpgEmail Notifications for Google Voice Missed Calls
If you peruse your Google Voice settings you’ll see a new option that lets you enable email notifications for anytime you miss a call.

bugmenot chrome.jpgBugMeNot Available for Chrome
One of my favorite Firefox add-ons, BugMeNot, now has a Google Chrome counterpart.

logitech revue google tv.jpgHand-on Impressions of Logitech Revue with Google TV
This is the first detailed look at the Logitech Revue that I’ve seen, and in general I think it looks decent.

wireless dslr ipad.jpgWireless DSLR Tethering to iPad
This guide explains how you can use an iPad, Eye-Fi wireless memory card, MyWi app, and ShutterSnitch app to have photos instantly appear on your iPad after they are taken with your camera.