WriteToMyBlog The blogging world is really taking off with Technorati reporting that they are tracking over 57 million blogs. That is pretty insane even though a large number of those blogs aren’t very active.

When something becomes popular though everyone tries to make things that will help users receive a better experience, and it may be for free or you may have to fork out some money. A very good example of this happening is the iPod because it became so popular that you can find almost any accessory that you could imagine for it. Blogging is much the same way because there are plenty of people who are offering tools that will make setting up and posting on blogs much easier.

One of those great (free) tools is WriteToMyBlog. It let’s you do nearly everything that you can do with most desktop blogging applications but it is much easier. You just type up your post and insert whatever you would like (images, tables, etc…) and then next to the Publish button you will notice a “Save to Draft” checkbox. That is what I use because it allows me to review the post on my blog before actually authorizing it to publish. That does mean you will have to login to your blog to approve the post but there are some settings that I only have available from my blog’s administration panel so I don’t have much of a choice.

After you get everything situated you can proceed to publish the post. It will ask you for your blog’s URL and the login information. Once you have that entered in it will retrieve the list of categories and let you select which one you would like this post to appear in. That’s it, just one more click and it will send everything over to your site.

I think this has a lot of potential because of the huge list of features but the thing that I would like to see the most is the ability to resize your working area. That way I can utilize the entire space that my monitor provides to me. WriteToMyBlog is also setup to store your account information locally on your computer, which can be nice for security reasons but they should offer the option to let people signup to store the information on their servers. That way if you switch to another computer you don’t have to worry about re-typing your account information in. Hopefully they plan on adding more features to make this even better because it will surely be useful to a lot of people.

Thanks for the tip Radu!