Wubi Ubuntu Installer

We’ve seen this Ubuntu installer for Windows before, but now it has new features and a new name: Wubi Beta. It uses no confusing lingo, and even lets you choose a variety of options that similar applications don’t offer:

  • Choose the drive to install Ubuntu (should have at least 10GB available)
  • Choose how much room to reserve for Ubuntu (minimum is 4GB while 8GB is recommended)
  • Chose whether to install Ubuntu (GNOME), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), or UbuntuStudio (for multimedia workstations).
  • Choose your language
  • Pick your username and password

After you get done with that screen it will just tell you to reboot your computer where you will then choose Ubuntu during the bootup sequence…piece of cake! This actually uses a Virtual Partition Manager known as LVPM to keep your Ubuntu installation in a single self-contained file. The reason why that is good is that if you ever decide that you don’t like Ubuntu (or one of the other Linux distributions Wubi offers) you can uninstall it just like you would any other Windows application:

Uninstall Wubi

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself "why not just use a LiveCD if someone wants to try it out?" The reason being that a LiveCD can’t retain any configuration and settings after the computer is restarted, so if you want to install some drivers or reconfigure some of the options you’ll be able to restart Ubuntu without loosing the things you altered.

I haven’t tried this out myself because I already have Ubuntu installed on a partition, but this looks like a viable alternative for someone wanting to try out Ubuntu without going through the typical installation.

Wubi Homepage
Thanks Radu!