wwdc 2008-1.pngAt last, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is upon us and in a few short hours, all of the rumors will finally be put to rest. More than ever, the rumors have been running rampant over what it is that Steve Jobs will announce during the keynote set to start at 10 AM Pacific (12 PM Central) today at Moscone West in San Francisco. Before it starts, we wanted re-cap some of the rumors we’ve heard over the last several weeks, but also provide you with a list of links to live coverage around the web.


  • Leopard 10.6 (to be released in January)
  • Mac Fusion – a new developer Mac
  • 3G iPhone – the rumors are endless here

Leopard 10.6, also called “Snow Leopard” is rumored to be announced today. We believe it was TUAW who broke the news last week saying that Apple was planning to provide developers with an early build of the operating system which would be scheduled to ship in January (09′). They say Apple’s focus with 10.6 isn’t amazing new features, rather it’s focus is on stability and security.

Mac Fusion is a fairly new rumor to come about, and what people are saying is that it will be a computer built with the developer in mind. To fuel the rumors are screenshots with one saying, “Leave Windows behind. Build your Apps for OS X.”

The last major rumor we’ve heard, of course, is about the new 3G iPhone. The list of rumors regarding this one are endless, some have said it’s bigger, smaller, more expensive, less expensive, GPS, no GPS, and the list goes on. Who’s to say Steve Jobs will even announce a 3G iPhone today? At this point Apple stock would suffer greatly if nothing were to be said, so we assume it’s a safe bet that a new phone will be announced. It’s the details though that we’re lacking. Will it launch by today or the end of the week, as some have said? Or will it launch more towards the end of June like others have said Apple will do?

Live Coverage

So you want to keep up with the keynote as it’s going on? No problem! There are multiple ways to do it, it’s just a matter of deciding which one works for you.

Twitter (can Twitter hold its ground?)

Twitter has also partnered with Summize which may be another great place to get your coverage because Summize will show you any twitter that contains any of the following words: “wwdc,” “apple,” “iPhone,” or “steve jobs.”

Sites w/ Live Coverage

Of course these aren’t the only sources, but they should be reliable. Have a source you’ll be checking? Let us know in the comments below.

Once WWDC is done, we’ll be providing a re-cap of everything that went on. Stay tuned…