Xmbc android widget remote

If you’re reading this article I’m sure you already know that the XBMC team already makes an official remote for Android, but for me I wanted a way to leverage widgets so that I wouldn’t have to open an app every time I wanted to do something simple like pause whatever is playing in XBMC. After some searching around that’s when I came across the free Yatse Widget XBMC Remote.

This app comes with several different resizable widgets you can choose from, and in my screenshot above I only feature the two widgets that I personally use. The one on the left is used to see what’s currently playing and to control the playback, while the one on the right has the buttons you need to navigate menus. You can also set up Wake-on-LAN, which will let you remotely power on a computer that supports it. Some of the button functions may not be immediately obvious by their icons so I recommend checking out their wiki which explains what most of the buttons do.

If you have multiple instances of XBMC running in your house you will be able to configure Yatse to work with all of them. Should you decide to go down that path you’ll want to make sure to add the Yatse MC Chooser to your home screen so that you can quickly switch between which XBMC instance the widget is currently controlling.

To say this is just a widget would be a vast understatement. It also has a full-fledged app behind it that will let you do pretty much everything the official XBMC remote does, such as browse your media libraries or control the system with a nice fullscreen remote:

Xbmc android remote

There is a $2 “unlocker” for the app, but all it really does is provide skin support. I bought it mostly because I wanted to support the developer, but also because I wasn’t a huge fan of the default skin. So the one I’m using in my screenshots is a basic transparent skin that you can only get by paying the couple of bucks.

Yatse Widget XBMC Remote on Google Play

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