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So after weeks of XBMC-focused posts we are wrapping it all up with a summary of all the guides we wrote, along with some helpful posts from the official wiki and forums pages. The community that surrounds XBMC is incredible, and that’s something you’ll realize once you start digging deeper into the software. If you’re just starting out with XBMC, the page we’ve assembled here should be a great place to kick-off your learning.

Helpful XBMC Wiki Posts:

  • UserData Folder
    An explanation of what all the various files and folders are used for in your UserData folder.
  • AdvancedSettings.xml
    A list of all the advanced configuration values that are available.
  • File Sharing Protocols by OS
    This page covers the various file sharing protocols that are available for each of the different operating systems.
  • Special Paths
    You can use the “special://” protocol to reference XBMC-specific resources, which is useful with path substitution.
  • Naming TV and Movie files
    In order for XBMC to correctly detect the TV show or movie that corresponds to a video file you’ll need to make sure you understand how the files will need to be named.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    A long list of all the various keyboard shortcuts available in XBMC.
  • Remote Control Reviews
    Wondering whether your remote will work with XBMC? This wiki page covers many of the different kinds of remotes that are compatible.
  • Debug Log
    The debug log can be infinitely useful when trying to troubleshoot an issue, and so it’s important to understand exactly how it works.
  • Keyboard.xml
    This configuration file will let you customize/override the default behavior for keyboard shortcuts.
  • Dirty Regions
    Dirty regions are a new way that XBMC tries to reduce the load on your CPU and GPU by optimizing how things are rendered on the screen, but it isn’t turned on by default yet. If you want to give it a try, this page will help you along.

Helpful XBMC Forum Pages/Posts:

  • Photos of Extensive XBMC Setups
    It will take some time to flip through the 75+ pages of posts here, but there are quite a few great images showing off some of the home theater setups people have in their homes.
  • XBMC Skins
    This is a nice directory of skins that are available in the official XBMC repository as well as third-party repositories.
  • Video Add-ons
    This is the forum dedicated solely to video add-ons, and there is an ever-growing list of them. It’s a good place to start if you’re wondering whether your favorite online streaming service has a plugin available.
  • Tips for Building Your Own HTPC
    This is a general guide on the various hardware components that make up an HTPC.
  • Hardware Recommendations
    This is a long list of hardware recommendations along with pricing for anyone building an HTPC from scratch.

CyberNet’s XBMC Guides: