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I have been a long and faithful Windows Media Center user for years. The big reason I always chose to go with Windows Media Center was that it provided a better experience than cable boxes for recording and watching television shows. I’ve always loved how easy Windows Media Center is to set up on one central PC, and then extend it to any room using an Xbox 360. It’s a rather seamless experience, but the downside is the lack of configuration and extensibility.

Now that I’ve gotten to the cable-cutting point I started looking to see if there was a solution that would fit my needs better, and that’s when I decided to go with the newly released XBMC 11. To get this effectively working in a multi-room setup that meant I’d need to build an affordable home theater PC (HTPC) for each room that I wanted to be able to stream or access my content, or I could just try to get my hands on an older Apple TV 2 which could be jailbroken and set up to run XBMC. While the Apple TV was a tempting route I still felt as though it didn’t offer the full customizability that I wanted.

So here I sit, fully converted to an XBMC household. I have documented various aspects of my journey and will be sharing them here on the site starting tomorrow. We have about a month worth of guides that range from building an HTPC all the way to troubleshooting issues you might have with your own setup. In the guides we make the assumption that you know your way around the computer, which means we won’t dive into some details, such as how to open the Windows Registry Editor, and will instead just tell you the changes that need to be made. If you’ve managed to build up interest in XBMC I’m sure you are just looking for guides that point you in the right direction rather than hold your hand the whole way, and that’s why we are taking this approach with our guides.

The one thing that might hold a lot of you back is the lack of full DVR/PVR functionality in XBMC. The good news is that while the current version doesn’t natively include these features the next milestone (version 12) is due out in November of this year with a lot of PVR features included out-of-the-box. So you will only need to hold out a little longer if that’s the key item that has kept you away from the software.

At the end of each guide we will include an updated list of all previous guides for quick reference. It will look something like this:

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