Xbmc ipad remote

People have a hard time believing that since I own both an iPhone and an iPad that I decided to build a few home theater PCs (HTPCs) with XBMC rather than getting a few Apple TVs. I was looking for customizability and versatility, which is something the Apple TV doesn’t provide. Plus just because I didn’t choose to go with an Apple product doesn’t mean I can’t have a great experience controlling my HTPCs with my iOS devices.

XBMC Commander is a stellar app that gives you full control over all your XBMC instances in your house. First, you have to make sure the HTTP interface is enabled in XBMC. After that you’ll be able to manually add the connection information in XBMC Commander for each XBMC instance you have running. Now you’re ready to run. You can quickly navigate through movies, TV shows, and music right there on your iPad or iPhone. As you can see in the screenshots above the interface is extremely well thought out, and in many situations I’m able to find and start a video faster using this app than navigating the actual XBMC interface with a remote. It’s that good.

My favorite part, however, is the chalkboard that lets you use gestures to control XBMC. For example, swiping left or right will be the equivalent of pressing the left/right arrow on the keyboard. This is a much better idea than an on-screen remote because you don’t have to look at which button you’re pressing on the screen making it an overall great experience.

XBMC Commander isn’t free, but it’s just $3.99 for the universal version or $1.99 for the iPhone-only version. Seeing the amount of work the developer continues to put into the app makes it worth more than that in my opinion.

XBMC Commander Homepage
iTunes Store Link – Universal App – $3.99
iTunes Store Link – iPhone only – $1.99

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