Send youtube videos to xbmc

One of the best things about using XBMC as my chosen media center software is the community behind it that develops plugins and software to make it easier to integrate throughout my household. We’ve written a lot of different XBMC guides covering a few of the various apps and plugins available, and today we are going to write about a Chrome extension for pushing YouTube videos to any machine you have running XBMC.

The reason I find the TubeToTV extension to be so useful is that I frequently watch trailers for movies on my computer. With this extension I can pull up a trailer on YouTube, and in a single click I can have that same trailer playing on my television rather than watching it on my computer’s screen. It’s especially useful for the times you want to show a video to a room full of people and don’t want them all hovering over your shoulder to watch it on the computer screen.

Once you get the extension installed you’ll need to get it configured to work with your XBMC instance(s). To do this click Chrome’s Wrench icon > Settings > Extensions, and click Options next to the TubeToTV extension. Now enter in the details for your XBMC box:

Youtube to xbmc extension

Note the “+ XBMC” button. That can be used to add multiple XBMC instances in case you have more than one machine you might want to send the YouTube video to.

From now on you should see the “Send to XBMC” button above each of the YouTube videos that you watch. When you click the button the video will immediately start playing on the remote XBMC instance you configured.

TubeToTV Chrome Extension

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