Xbmc hulu plugin

A lot of people assume that using an application like XBMC means that you are pirating all of the material you are going to watch, but there are plenty of legal video streaming solutions available as well. There are a bunch of developers that have put together plugins so that a lot of online video streaming sites can be accessed directly through add-ons in XBMC.

What you’ll want to do after you get XBMC installed is head on over to the video plugins section, which can be found in Settings -> Add-ons -> Get Add-ons -> All Add-ons -> Video Add-ons. Here you’ll find plugins available to stream shows from HGTV, Food Network, and dozens of other video sites including podcast networks like TWiT.

You aren’t limited to just what’s available in the default add-ons repository either. If you venture over into the XBMC forums you’ll find that there are a lot more add-ons available for services like Hulu. So just because you don’t see one of your favorite video services listed in the add-ons repository doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an add-on that works with it. Since Hulu is so popular I thought I’d give a quick rundown on how to get it set up in XBMC:

  1. Download the “repository.bluecop.xbmc-plugins.zip” file
  2. In XBMC navigate to Settings -> Add-ons
  3. Select the option to Install From ZIP File
  4. Browse for the repository file you downloaded and add it
  5. You may need to wait a few minutes before continuing on otherwise the add-on may not show up yet, or you can just restart XBMC.
  6. On the Add-ons screen go to Get Add-ons -> Bluecop Add-on Repository -> Video Add-ons -> Hulu. You should now see the Install button to install the Hulu add-on.
  7. You can configure some of the settings (such as how many ads you want to see and when you want to see them), or you can just flip over to the Videos section of XBMC and starting watching shows from Hulu.

Keep in mind that the list of shows can be pretty overwhelming (currently over 1600), but you can save your favorites by highlighting the show, pulling up the context menu (“C” on the keyboard), and choosing the Add to Favorites option. That will serve as a makeshift bookmark, and will be accessible directly from the Videos -> Favorites menu in XBMC.

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