Xbmc web remote control

XBMC has a built-in web interface that you can use to control media playback on any of your XBMC instances. The nice thing about the web interface is that it lets you quickly navigate your media library to see what you have available. It also comes bundled with an on-screen remote control that you can use to navigate the entire interface, and even though the graphic they use for the remote could be a little better it still serves its functional purpose quite well.

To get rolling the first thing you’ll definitely need to do is switch the HTTP interface on. This is done by going to the Settings -> Network -> Services, and turn on the Allow Control of XBMC Via HTTP. You’ll also need to specify a port number, username, and password:

Xbmc enable web interface

After you’ve done that you should be able to connect to XBMC from your browser to make sure it is working. The most sure-fire way to get to it is to use the IP address of the machine running XBMC followed by the port number. Example:

If you see the web interface that means you can start experimenting with other things. A good example of something that takes advantage of the web interface is this Chrome extension that provides a virtual remote to control the media playback. This is pretty convenient for me because a lot of times I’ll be on my computer while watching TV, and having this extension means I can quickly pause a video without having to hunt around for the remote control.

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