xbox 360 red ring of death The modchip offered by Team Xecuter has graced my original Xbox for years. The main reason that I modded my Xbox in the first place was so that I could stream television shows and listen to my MP3′s, which is something the original Xbox didn’t do out-of-the-box.

After years of silence Team Xecuter is back again, but this time they are doing something a bit different. Instead of creating a modchip they have assembled a repair kit for the Red Ring of Death (ROD) that have been plaguing Xbox’s around the world. The $13 kit, which hasn’t gone on sale yet, has been tested on 18 Xbox’s that have all had the ROD:

I have come up with a very simple, very cheap and very effective quick-fix solution to most ROD problem machines. I have so far tested the method on 18 Xbox’s and every one is still up and running (much to my surprise I might add – the older versions of this console are junk).

You’ll obviously need to take the Xbox 360 apart yourself to fix it with this repair kit, which is definitely not an appealing thought for those who still have the system under warranty (Microsoft has already extended warranties to three years). I think that someone with a system that’s out of warranty will be more apt to turn to this solution though… depending on how complex the solution actually is.

At the last report the Xbox 360 failure rates were estimated to be 16.4% according to SquareTrade, while the PS3 and Wii were just 3%. I’m not sure how accurate SquareTrade’s numbers are since they were only basing it on 1,000 Xbox 360 systems with warranties through them, but regardless that is still a big difference compared to the competing products.

Xbox Scene [via CrunchGear]

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  1. But surely if your Xbox is in warranty you would just send it back?

    Curiosity got the better of me and I took mine to bits when its warranty ran out. I’ve never had any problems though, and if it broke I’d make sure they gave me a new one!

  2. Lewis wrote:
    But surely if your Xbox is in warranty you would just send it back?

    I would hope so, but there are some crazy people out there. :)

  3. Sometimes repairs don’t last long, or it takes a long time to get the console back. Curious to see what the fix is.

  4. ive seen like 10 of these posts over the web, where the can i effin buy the kit. im tired of reading about it. if you can hook me up with a link my email is

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