xbox shortage It just doesn’t seem right to be writing an article about a shortage of a game console that isn’t the Wii. We’ve been writing about those Wii shortages for a long time now, so when “shortage” was combined with “Xbox 360″ it was surprising to say the least. It’s true though, Microsoft has announced that they are seeing shortages of the Xbox 360 console in the United States and retailers are not happy.

So how is it that they are running low? Well, according to Reuters, there was a strong holiday demand. More consoles sold than they had anticipated in the month of December, about 1.3 million to be exact, and now they’re running short.  Jeff Bell, head of global marketing for Microsoft said “We are really running short of product here in the United States.  You could say we misjudged demand.” He went on to say, “We’re literally out of stock in many stores.  We think this will have an impact on our sales.”

I haven’t been out to my Best Buy or Circuit City stores lately to see whether or not they’ve got empty shelves, but many people in the comments over at Gizmodo said that their stores have had them. The other thing that crossed my mind is the number of defective consoles that people ship back to Microsoft. It’s possible that the overwhelming demand during the holidays combined with the number of replacement consoles they’ve had to send out is causing the shortage. Microsoft doesn’t expect that they’ll be able to meet the demand until Spring.