Several days ago, a YouTube video showed what the Xbox 360 Spring update was supposed to look like. At the time, it was unclear whether it was legit or not because Microsoft hadn’t made any official announcements. It turns out it was correct, and come Spring, there will be a lot of improvements.


Starting the week of May 7th as part of the Xbox 360 Spring update, Microsoft will connect Xbox users with Windows Live Messenger users who are on PCs and Windows Mobile devices.  Users will be able to chat right from their TV as they’re playing games or watching movies. While chatting, friends on messenger will know what game you are playing.

KeyboardIt’s free to everyone and will be available via Xbox LIVE or  Users will be permitted to chat with up to six people on their contact list while using the “virtual” keyboard, or a keyboard of their own which they can connect to the Xbox console via USB. 

Come Summer, Microsoft also intends on launching an accessory that will connect to the Xbox 360 controller, and will support the text and instant messaging.

Besides the big addition of messenger to the update, there are several other new features that will be a part of it as well:

  • Enhanced family settings
  • New Xbox LIVE Marketplace Blade– it will change color independently of other blades for the season, holidays, etc.
  • Updates to Xbox LIVE Arcade
  • New options in Auto Downloads
  • Better download controls

The video below will give you an idea what to expect.  The person narrating talks really fast, so you’ll need to listen carefully.

Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent in a picture of what the controller add-on should look like:
Xbox 360 Controller