Xbox 360 GameStop Bundle

300,000 more Xbox 360 consoles will be delivered this week with Best Buy receiving a large quantity for their Sunday advertisement. The advertisement starts on December 18 but if you can’t wait until then, GameStop also has some in stock. Now, before you go rushing to there it is best you know they are only selling bundles. Actually, bundles is an understatement, it is more like an all-inclusive package! Their Titanium Bundle is $1,500 but has almost everything you will need: Premium Console, 15 games, Universal Media Remote, Wireless Controllers, two game guides, and an Xbox 360 Skin Gel. The less costly $1,000 Steel Bundle includes: Premium Console, 7 games, ONE wireless controller, two game guides, and Xbox 360 Skin Gels. So if you want to save yourself some money this holiday season, get your snow suit on and head over to Best Buy on Saturday night!

News Source: Gizmodo