XboxliveMicrosoft has officially announced that Xbox and PC Gamers will be united with their Live online services as it will soon be crossed–over to the Windows Vista Platform.  This means that if you have Windows Vista, you’ll be able to get in on all of the Live Online action with your friends who are playing on the Xbox.

Quick facts:

  • Live Online Services will debut on May 8th with the launch of the Windows Vista version of Halo 2.
  • Gamers will be able to get one account to use on the Xbox and on the PC
  • Microsoft offers two different subscriptions; either a Silver free membership, or a Gold membership for $50 per year. (List of differences here)
  • Other games to be offered for both platforms include “Shadowrun” which will be released in June 2007, and “Uno” the classic party game.

Peter Moore of Microsoft says, “The benefits of expanding Xbox LIVE to Games for Windows titles is twofold: We’re bringing together two communities that share a passion for playing online games, and we’re enhancing the online experience for PC gamers who have long desired seamless game and voice connectivity — it’s a win for everyone.”

I know several people who don’t like video game systems in general because they say it’s easier to control games with a mouse/keyboard combination over a single controller.  Microsoft has certainly done well with the Xbox Live Online services, but whether or not PC Gamers will latch onto is one question that’ll have to wait to be answered come May. Halo 2 for Vista should definitely send it off to a great start.