Xml editor

Trying to read or modify large XML files can be a rather tedious job, but with the right tools it can obviously be a lot easier. The cross-platform Java-based XPontus XML Editor is free, and has the right features that make parsing an extensive XML file a breeze.

For starters you’ll find a Pretty Print option in the Tools menu that will take the XML file and add line breaks and tabs in the appropriate places so that it’s a lot easier on your eyes. You know how awesome that is if you’ve ever dealt with a semi-compressed XML file that has all the data on one computer-friendly line. That along with the tree-view displayed on the left-side of the window should help you find what you’re looking for in the file.

The true nerds can take things to another step and use XPATH expressions to navigate the XML file. This also doubles as a great way to test out any XPATH expressions you want to implement in your code to ensure they work as expected. When you roll up all of these features into one package you get Xpontus, which ends up being a great choice for both basic and advanced users that have to work with XML files.

XPontus XML Editor Homepage (Windows, Mac, Linux; Freeware)