windows xp petition.pngBack on April 15th, we wrote about how Dell was offering a Windows Downgrade Service which would give buyers the option to have XP factory-installed on their computers. Part of the deal is that Dell gives the buyer the DVD for Vista so that when they are ready (if ever), they can install it. At the time of writing the article, we weren’t sure if the offer was something that Dell would be able to offer once June 30th comes rolling around, the date that Microsoft has set to stop shipping OEM and shrink-wrapped copies of XP. Clearly the consumers are wanting XP to stick around longer, and today there are several bits of good news regarding this.

The first bit of news: InfoWorld has confirmed that Dell will be able to sell and support Windows XP using the Downgrade service after the June 30th cut-off date. Secondly, Steve Ballmer was quoted at a news conference in Belgium saying, “XP will hit and end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies, we can always wake up smarter, but right now, we have a plan for end-of-life for new XP shipments.” Customer feedback has clearly been there, and people want XP to stick around. Engadget says to Ballmer, “Maybe it’s time for a quick nap.”

Finally, the last bit of news is that rumor has it that Dell is telling their customers that they will be selling XP on professional systems until 2012. Of course it is just a rumor, but that would certainly make all of the people happy who’ve been signing the “SAVE XP” petition that has been put together by InfoWorld. As of mid-April, over 164,000 people had signed the petition asking Microsoft to extend the date that XP will be available.