Windows XP on the OLPC.pngIt’s hard to believe that Microsoft is still working on XP so many years after it originally launched. Their latest work with the operating system involved making a version that worked well with the XO Laptop (One Laptop Per Child project). Over 40 engineers were involved with the project, and as Ryan mentioned back in December, their hardest task was to get the operating system on a small drive and writing drivers that would work with the laptops’ specialized hardware.

Those engineers completed the task, and as they say, a new Windows XP has gone gold! According to BetaNews, Microsoft wasn’t the only one who had work to do to get XP to work on the XO laptop, the OLPC organization had work as well. They say, “Microsoft spent a year modifying XP to ensure it would work on the XO laptops without problems. But OLPC had work to do as well, including boosting the memory and making hardware adjustments. The switch from Linux will increase the production costs of the XO from $188 to a little over $200. XP itself will cost $3 per each XO shipped.”

Unfortunately, for those who already bought the XO laptops, like all of the people who participated in the Give One – Get One program, they will not have the option of switching from Linux, which their computers came with, to XP. This is likely due to the hardware adjustments that were made so that the laptops could work with XP. Part of the reason that XP is such an attractive option is that many more people are familiar with it than they are Linux.

Windows on the XO laptop is expected sometime in September.