Yahoo! has announced their first acquisition of 2007, MyBlogLog! Yahoo swept up MyBlogLog after only 3-4 months of release to the public.  The estimated purchase price was $10-12 million. At the beginning of December, we decided we wanted to get in on the popular community for blogger’s. You’ll notice our BlogLog in the right column, it shows a list of recent visitors, and users of BlogLog can become members of Blogging communities, like our CyberNet community.

MyBlogLog gives people the chance to put a face to the name with pictures, avatars, etc. It’s great, and has gained a lot of popularity from the blogosphere. So far, Yahoo has acquired some pretty big names in social networking and media like Flickr, and I think that with Yahoo! acquiring ByBlogLog, they’ll be able to spread this service to a variety of different types of blogs instead of the technology blogs where it seems to be the most popular.

On the official Yahoo blog, in talking about connecting people of a community, Chad Dickerson says, “If blogging was originally about building a community and having a conversation with people in that community, then MyBlogLog provides the missing link that makes those connections more real.” The Yahoo blog also notes that they’re not planning on making any immediate changes quite yet.

Another important part of this acquisition is the Stat Tracking that MyBlogLog is offering for $3.00 per month.  Yahoo hasn’t gotten into stat tracking yet, so this officially gets them involved. The stat program has real-time tracking capabilities, so I could see Yahoo potentially taking this stat program and offering it for no additional cost.  It will give people more incentive to use it on their site, which will give Yahoo that much more statistical information at their disposal.

Nice buy, Yahoo and Congrats ByBlogLog! I wonder if/how they’ll integrate all of these newly acquired services together!