Back in June, Google Maps got a new drag and drop routes feature which allows someone to tweak the route that Google provides them so that it’s just the way they want it to be. Following in Google’s footsteps, Yahoo has added a drag and drop rerouting feature which can come in handy when you’re planning a trip and you prefer to go a different route than what it gives, or if you’re planning stops along the way.

To use this feature, just go to and enter in your starting and ending destinations.  Yahoo will calculate the route and then a map will appear with the route highlighted in purple.  Just bring your mouse over the highlighted line and then at any point you can drag the mouse to adjust your route.  Once you do that, it will recalculate your route and give you a new trip distance and a new time.  It’ll also pop-up with a box that compares the two routes as shown below (click to enlarge): 

yahoo drag and drop

Adding the drag and drop feature wasn’t the only change though, Yahoo also made a few minor improvements to the business listings that will appear on the map. New additions include photos and users ratings which they gather from Yahoo Local. While both changes are nice to Yahoo Maps, I’m still a fan of Google Maps and the features and layout that they offer.