Yahoo has just added a few new modules to their personalized homepage, My Yahoo, with one of them being a module for Gmail. Yep, Gmail, their competition. That’s not the only one however, there are several others that were added and I must say, they’re all pretty useful and practical.

Gmail Module:

First we’ll start with the Gmail module.  It’s actually a mail module so that you can see your email from other non-Yahoo accounts. Gmail isn’t the only option, it’s just an example. I added it to my page and it just took a minute to set-up by entering in my username and password.  I was also able to select how many messages I’d like it to display, and you can choose from one to ten. Below is what it looked like when I received a new message. By clicking on the message, you’ll be able to view it.


Not everybody who uses MyYahoo has a Yahoo mail account, so this should be one of those modules that many people will use. Keep in mind, you must be using the new My Yahoo! beta to add the Gmail module.

Other New Modules:

Another really useful module is for the weather! Previously Yahoo always showed the current temperature under the Personal Assistant, which was helpful but didn’t give you any extended information.  Now you can get a three day forecast so you’ll know what the weather will be like in advance. For this option they offer a compact or a full view. The full view is pictured below:

Yahoomodule weather

Scoreboard – Sports fans, this one is for you. You can keep up-to-date with scores and news from your favorite sports teams (Go Cubbies!).

Netflix – If you have a Netflix account, you can use this module to keep up on what movies are in your queue, see which movies you have out, or even add movies to the list.

So, there ya have it! More new modules to add to your My Yahoo! Personalized Homepage.  For me at least, these modules are probably some of the more useful ones available. I’m always wanting to know what the weather is going to be like, and I check my email too many times in a day. This just makes it easier.

If you’d like info on what Yahoo has in-store for future modules, you can read their blog post which gives a few hints (calendar, address book, bookmarks).