Yahoo And Windows Live Messenger Compatibility Gets Closer

Yahoo Messenger For Mac 3.0 Beta was released last week and it was said that it would soon support Windows Live Messenger (WLM) contacts. Some people noticed that they already have a section in the Help that explains how to add your WLM friends but it isn’t currently supported. Well, over in the Trillian forums (yes, the Trillian forums of all places) someone discovered that you can add your WLM contacts to Yahoo Messenger and talk to them but you they cannot talk to you. If you want to get it to work then you will have to use a address because other Passport accounts (even addresses) do not work.

They also noticed that there were several features grayed out in the Yahoo Messenger (as seen in the picture above) when chatting with WLM contacts. Some of the disabled features were Video/Audio messaging, conferencing, and sending files. This probably means that both companies are just trying to get the basic chatting features working before they try and tackle the more advanced features. I am actually surprised that it is taking Microsoft and Yahoo so long to get these features up and running.