Yahoo is taking their popular Yahoo Answers service social by introducing “Answers Network.” It works by allowing people to add their favorite members to a contacts list.  If you’ve asked a question and gotten help once from someone, chances are you’ll go back. If you found someone that answered your question especially well and made the extra effort to make it a thorough, complete answer, you’ll probably want to keep track of them to see what other questions they answer that you might learn from.


Once you add people to your list of contacts, you can go check out all of the questions they’ve answered.This isn’t something that everybody has to do, but it’s an optional extra that frequent users will probably enjoy.

I haven’t really spent much time over at Yahoo Answers, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the questions that fell under “Computers and Internet” to see if I found anything interesting. This is what I found that might be helpful to you:

  • What is the best way to edit a scanned document? (Answered here)
  • How do I end SPAM emails once and for all? (Answered here)
  • When you’re finished using your computer, is it best to log off, shut down, restart or just walk away? (Answered here)
  • What are some great underground websites and what makes them so cool? (Answered here)
  • How can I get my butt off the computer and stop my computer addiction? (Answered here)

There are lots of people on Yahoo Answers that spend a lot of time providing quality answers, so it makes sense to have a contacts list so you can keep track of all the good ones. More info and the sign up for the Answers Network is here.