Yahoo! Answers on the StreetI’m not sure if you’ve visited Yahoo! Answers before, but it is a very active community where everyone tries to help each other. They even have an area dedicated to just computer and Internet related questions for those of you who are having PC problems.

The newest addition to the Yahoo! Answers family is called Answers on the Street, and stars J. Keith van Straaten. It reminds me of Jay Leno’s Jay Walking where Jay walks around the street asking people questions that they aren’t able to answer. It’s quite a spectacle if you haven’t seen it before.

Answers on the Street is a little different in the sense that they actually try to provide useful information, rather than looking for opportunities to make fun of people. As of right now there are only three videos posted, but they are pretty useful:

I really like this series, and I hope they continue to make more of these videos. It’s also nice that you can embed them on your own site, which I have done here with the home theater system video:

Source: Mashable