Yahoo is taking advantage of SearchMonkey widgets to automatically provide more elaborate search results to their users. It wasn’t that long ago (a few months) that Yahoo decided to start using the SearchMonkey technology in the first place, allowing developers to create SearchMonkey applications to better the Yahoo search experience. At the time when they announced this they said they’d be opening a “sandbox” where programmers could test their apps and then eventually users would be able to go to a gallery and select the applications they wanted. News today is that a few select applications are enabled automatically for all search users.

Now users can look for Yelp, Yahoo Local, and LinkedIn widgets to automatically appear when they perform a search. Below is a screenshot of a search I performed for “Lou Malnati’s Pizza in Chicago” and the Yelp results that automatically appeared:

Lou Malnati_s Chicago, IL Yelp - Yahoo! Search Results.png

A whole gallery of “enhancements” can be found here. The widgets are broken down into categories like entertainment, health, local, social, technology, and more. Examples include:

  • WebMD – get enhanced search results from the leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news information
  • StumbleUpon – cut through the clutter of the Web and discover what’s relevant for you. StumbleUpon on Yahoo! Search allows you to see website reviews and ratings before you click
  • Digg Enhanced – displays relevant information for Digg articles like number of Diggs, number of comments, the date it was made popular, and the image

The three widgets listed above are simply examples of enhancements that you can opt-in to while the aforementioned Yelp, Yahoo Local, and LinkedIn widgets are now automatically displayed.

Yahoo’s Search Gallery reminds us of Google’s Subscribed Links, but Yahoo’s interface for adding the enhancements is better, and it looks as though their choices are better as well.


Thanks for the tip Omar!