Yahoo Coffee Bribe sounds a little harsh so maybe I should say that Yahoo will be offering you an “incentive” to set them as your homepage. There have been a few different sites reporting that this Friday Yahoo will give you a coupon for a free Dunkin Donuts coffee if you set your browser’s homepage to Yahoo.

Sounds easy enough, right? In fact, it almost sounds too easy to me. So your saying that I could set my homepage to Yahoo, print my coupon, and then change it back to anything I want? Also, what’s to stop me from printing these things off in bulk and handing them out to my friends, or, *whispers* sell the coupons to them at a discounted price? ;)

I wonder how well this promotion will take off? Blog News Channel has seems to think that other companies, like Google and Microsoft, may even follow in Yahoo’s footsteps. In fact, they laid out what they expect the next 15 weeks to look like…it’s a pretty funny list. :D